Head lice are common in school children, people living in hostels, etc but it is the most disgusting thing on the head ever. These are small insect-like parasites that dwell on the head, sucking blood from the scalp. Women have a more difficult time getting rid of these blood-sucking animals than men, and the reason here is obvious, the length and high density of hair.

No more lice!

These little devils live on the heads, feed there, and create a total ruckus. The hairs become rough and brittle. Hair fall is a grave consequence.

To put an end to your suffering, we bring you an effective way that completely removes the nits as well as the lice no matter how bad the situation is. It is called conditioner treatment and one of my friends personally followed this and was amazed by its results.

Required Things

  • Metal nit comb
  • A good amount of conditioner
  • A tail comb
  • A wide-toothed comb
  • A white towel


  1. Take a generous amount of conditioner and apply it to your dry hair. Do not apply the conditioner to wet hair because hair fall in wet hair is comparatively more.
  2. Divide your hair into four sections. Using the tail comb, first part them from the middle vertically till the end of the head. Then to make four sections, divide the partitions in half horizontally.
  3. Apply more conditioner to the dry parts of your hair if needed after sectioning them.
  4. Remove all the tangles using a wide-toothed comb, if you have a big wooden comb that would be the best as it does not break the hair, unlike plastic combs.
  5. Now, use a metal nit comb on your hair in one section. Remove all the nits and lice you can by changing the angle of a nit comb. Wipe all the nits and lice captured on the white towel to track them.
  6. Once you don’t get any more lice or nit on your comb even after many swipes. Move on to the next section and repeat the process.
  7. Check for lice waste by scratching your head, if any black stuff gets captured in your nails, that means there are lice still present. Repeat this whole treatment every 3 days until you stop getting the black waste in your nails.
  8. Repeating this treatment every 3 days for 2-3 weeks will break the lice reproductive cycle and all the lice will be gone along with their nits.

You can get the metal nit comb at the link below-


Happy hair, Happy you!

This above-mentioned treatment will work like magic although you might break some of your hair which is okay considering the long-term damage of lice.

Keep reading and keep sharing, we really appreciate you. 😊

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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