Disney gives us a glimmer of fantasy, especially the musical ones. Every musical movie has a unique character and has some amazingly elegant personalities. 

Here we have unveiled five most iconic women from Disney's musical fantasies, Find out who they are!

1. Elsa

elsa from frozen
Source: Disney

Elsa, the beautiful Queen of Snow from the musical fantasy series called "frozen" is an elegant lady who has enchanting powers to manipulate the frost and snow. This snow queen was being misunderstood initially and is depicted as cold-hearted because she wrecked people involuntarily. But she amazes everyone by showing her vulnerability and protects Arendelle from all the miseries and curses. Elsa looks very elegant and sophisticated in the frozen movie and is the most attractive Snow Queen ever.

2. Maleficent

Source: Disney

Maleficent is the most powerful and graceful fairy, she has an aristocratic personality with her large wings and classic black cloak gown. She fell in love with Stefan despite knowing the fact that he is a human being and ended up getting betrayed by him. Maleficent lost her wings but this couldn't influence her radiance. She stood out and fought for the Moors people. Maleficent is still the most dynamic and iconic lady from Disney.

3. Cinderella

Source: Disney

This charming strawberry-blondie beauty is from the epic fantasy movie "Cinderella". Cinderella is a vivacious, strong-willed and compassionate lady. She is a dreamer and a believer who never gave up on her dreams. 

4. Jasmine

jasmine and aladdin(movie characters)
Source: Disney

Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah depicts the iconic beauty of an Islamic woman. She is a strong and prominent lady who stood out fierce and proud to decide for herself and broke all norms by becoming the first-ever woman-sultan of Agrabah!

5. Rapunzel

rapunzel(movie character)
Source: Disney

Rapunzel is portrayed as a pretty young girl with gorgeous, lively and huge blonde hair. This beauty has proved that elegance is not an expression of materialism, but is all about the internal charm of a person!


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