I entered into womanhood at the mere age of 13 and since then I had been using sanitary napkins. But just a few months back my sister pestered me to switch to menstrual cups because it is more hygienic and bio-friendly. To which I thought why not give it a try! Here is what happened...

My First Encounter With Menstrual Cups

To be honest I had a very vague idea about menstrual cups and therefore I decided to do some research. To my horror when I was scrolling through some tutorial videos on how to use these cups I actually got terrified looking at its size!

The only question I had was, it is so huge, how can I even dare to insert it? But looking at its pros I somehow decided to order it. And a few days later the day finally arrived when I had to try on a menstrual cup. I gathered some courage to try something else other than sanitary napkins for the first time.

Believe me, my first experience was not quite pleasing! And that is because I made some really silly mistakes which I am going to talk about.

Mistakes I Made

menstrual cups
A Menstrual Cup

On the first day I struggled for more than 20 minutes to insert the cup but I couldn't because it was painful. In my second attempt the very next day I somehow managed to insert it after 45 minutes of struggle and trust me it was a hell like experience.

I couldn't even walk properly. I somehow managed to fall asleep and to my horror the next morning I found my bedsheet drenched with period stains. And it really looked that I was lying in a pool of blood. But what actually caused this leakage? When I researched about it, I found out that:

  • I didn't check whether the cup was fully opened from all sides or not
  • I didn't insert the cup properly out of fear and that is the reason one of the sides was not covered properly
  • I hurried when I inserted the cup for the first time and that caused the pain

After learning my mistakes I decided to reuse it and this time with a calm mind. I took a new cup (it is reusable but I decided to try on a new one after the bed red situation!) and opened it from all sides properly, folded it in C shape and inserted it a bit slowly.

To my surprise, I didn't feel much of discomfort or pain nor did I experience any leakage. And since then I have switched to menstrual cups.

Suggestions For First Timers

I would highly suggest you to try on a tampon first before using a menstrual cup. Because you need to actually get used to the fact that there is something inside your cervix! Once you are comfortable with that you can switch to the cups.

Secondly, don't hurry! Take your time to insert the cups to avoid unnecessary pain. Apart from that check whether you have opened all sides of the cup properly and also ensure that you have inserted it in such a way so that it covers all the area of your lady part to avoid that bed red situation I experienced!

I assure you that if you follow all these suggestions, your first encounter with menstrual cups won't be as horrific as mine.

Why I Actually Switched To Menstrual Cups?

The main reasons for which I actually let go off my fear and switched to menstrual cups are:

  • It is less expensive
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Doesn't pollute the environment
  • Hygienic and safe

So by switching to menstrual cups one can not only practice good menstrual hygiene but can also contribute their bit in protecting the environment from unwanted pollution.

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