Everybody loves a good and healthy set of nails, especially when you can achieve it effortlessly when locked down in your house. We bring you some tips and tricks to maintain a strong and healthy set of nails in the comfort of your house and the best part? You don't need any nail tool to get beautiful and healthy nails! 

Read on to know how...

1. Fix Yellow Nails


Applying lemon can be a great way of getting rid of yellow-ness. The citric acid in lemon helps achieve the right amount of whitening that your nails need. You can either dip your nails in lemon juice or simply rub a lemon slice on your nails. Vinegar may also be added along with lemon if necessary.

Let your nails breathe. Always keeping nail polish on can also result in dark and yellow-coloured nails.

2. Bye Brittle Nails

A lot of us suffer from brittle nails, and this is probably one of the major reasons why we can't flaunt long nails ever. To make nails stronger, use garlic. Rub garlic on your nails and cuticles for stronger nails (wash them off later to get rid of the smell). Garlic not only makes nails stronger but also helps in whitening.


A reason for brittle and weak nails is the exposure to water and harmful detergents. To prevent this, the usage of plastic gloves during chores can be helpful. Moisturizing nails and cuticles before and after work will also help.

3. Nail growth

Garlic, yet again, is the answer. It helps in nail growth along with other benefits.

Another hack is using olive oil. Olive oil is a saviour for nails. It helps in nail growth, makes them stronger and healthier. Take 2-3 tbsp of olive oil in a bowl and with the help of a cotton swab apply the oil on your nails and cuticles. Make sure that the oil you're using is warm. After applying, massage it on your nails and cuticles.

olive oil

The last tip is to STOP biting nails. As hard as it may be for some of you, it is very important to get rid of this habit. An old hack that my grandmother told me once was to apply neem or bitter gourd juice to nails. A painful way yet the most effective way to get away with nail-biting.

Remember to wash your hands and moisturize your nails well for beautiful and long nails.

Try these hacks out at home and let me know which hack worked the best for your nail problem.

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