Paying attention to the little details gives way to the perfect look, doesn't it? That's right, your nails are the next best option for stepping up your fashion game. Nowadays people are even matching the colour of their nail polish with the colour of their masks!

You might not want to experiment frequently with your hairstyle, skincare routine or clothing style but your nails are just perfect for trying out all those trendy styles you see in "nelfies" all over Instagram.

This article brings you a list of the most fashionable nail art styles you'll see in 2021 so you can flaunt your gorgeous nails and grab eyeballs wherever you go! 

The Best Nail Shapes For 2021

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1. Classic Rounded Nails

Rounded nails are the simplest shape for filing your nails. Rounded nails have circular edges resembling the arch of a perfect circle. 

They look neat and are easy to maintain.

2. Coffin

Coffin-shaped nails are also known as "ballerina nails". They have a wide base with slender sides and a square-shaped tip. 

They look very stylish but only naturally strong and sturdy nails can be styled in this fashion.

3. Squoval

A squoval is a combination of square and oval-shaped nails. It'll give you the best features of both the shapes. Squoval nails are square-shaped but with soft edges. 

They are easy to maintain and looks flattering on all types of fingers.

4. Oval

Oval shaped nails are simply oval. The top part of the nail is softly rounded to give it the appearance of an egg. 

It looks best on fingers with wide nail beds. Oval shaped nails also provide the best canvas for nail arts.

5. Almond

An almond-shaped nail has a wide base. It slowly grows slender on the sides and the final tip resembles the tip of an actual almond nut. 

It is pretty to look at. It is good for people with small or plump hands since its slender silhouette makes the hands look slim and long.

Trendy Nail Polish Colours For 2021

1. Aesthetic Pastels

Aesthetic Pastel Nails

Pastel nail paints are subtle and perfect for both formal occasions and informal gatherings. They are just so pretty and pleasing to look at. They'll make your hands look youthful.

Consider the following shades if you're thinking of painting your nail with pastel colours- mint green, pale pink, powder blue, peach, light yellow etc. 

Pastel nail paints look beautiful when enhanced with glitter. They are trendy and can be worn throughout spring and well into summer.

2. Neon

Neon Nails

Paint your nails in bright hues of neon colours to make a bold statement. Lime green, bright yellow, bubble gum pink and vibrant orange are the most popular colours. Cheerful shades of neon are here to stay.

Make sure to wear white nail polish as your base coat to make your neon nail paint truly pop up. 

Neon nail polishes are perfect for summer seasons. They look bright and refreshing.

3. Metallic Hues

Holographic Nails

Metallic hues are electrifying and perfect for autumn months. Rose gold and silver nails look absolutely stunning. Other trendy chrome metallic nail art colours include hues of teal, grey, purple, blue, pink etc.

Try holographic nail polishes if you want your nails to look "out of this world" extra. Holographic and metallic nail paints are just meant for stealing the spotlight.

4. Naked Nails

Nude Nails

Dare to bare your nails for the trendy nude nails look. Almost invisible sheer colours with clear coatings are all the rage. They match well with any outfit and make the nails look clean and polished.

Nude nails are also like a blank canvas waiting to painted with the wearer's imagination. 

You can add details to your clear nail polish with small designs or abstract art. Nude nails are far from boring and can in fact lengthen the appearance of your fingers.

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5. Dark Shades

Dark Shades

If you're not in the mood for pastels you can always switch to more mature and darker colors. Consider colors like emerald green, chocolaty brown, burgundy red etc for cold wintery months.

Black never goes out of style. Paint shining stars on black nail polish and add a dash of glitter for the perfect sparkly rock-star look. 

Midnight blue, deep purple and beige are dark colour alternatives.

Trendy Nail Art Designs For 2021

1. Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns look beautiful and can be done all year round due to the abundance of seasonal flowers to take inspiration from. 

Red roses, pink cherry blossoms, yellow sunflowers, delicate daisies and lovely lavenders, there are just too many gorgeous options to choose from.

Not just flowers, you can take inspiration from mother nature in all her glory. You can paint white stars, clouds, intricate leaf designs or colourful butterfly designs. 

How about painting all your nails differently with each nail art representing a different season?

2. Animal Prints

Leopard Pattern

You can unleash your wild side by flaunting animal patterns in your nail art. Leopard, tiger and snake prints look fiery. Zebra, giraffe and cow prints look awesome when done precisely.

Animal patterns can be given a fun twist with cute caricatures of sheep, cats, dogs, chicks and owl. Rabbit, panda and teddy bear nails are the most popular options. 

How about cute little ladybugs?

3. Striped Nails

Striped Pattern

Striped nail paint patterns look really neat and classy. You can paint the strips either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You can even mix and match the stripes to create new designs.

Use a cello tape to help you draw straight lines without any hassles. Rainbow burst and candy cane are great options for painting your nails in striped fashion. 

The classic French manicure style has many stylish updates including painting the white tip with colourful double lines, hearts and dotted patterns.

4. Seashell Nails

Sea Shell Design

Seashell nails are trendy options for all the beach babes who want to channel their inner mermaid even while stuck at home or office. Seashell nails are stunning and will surely get everyone talking.

Designs of oyster shells, mermaid tails, fish scales, beach waves, palm trees, pearls, seaweed, starfish and flamingos will give of summery vibes. 

They look stunning and can be enhanced further with a little bit of shiny embellishment.

5. Embellished Nails

Embellished Nails

Embellished nails are the latest and most fashionable form of nail art. They are quickly gaining popularity all across the world and can be seen in major fashion runways and red carpets.

Paint your nails in any one of the trending colours mentioned above and decorate them with matching embellishments. Popular choices include rhinestones, sequins, glitzy gems and pearls for a bejewelled look.

Glitter can add a shimmery shine to your nails. Crochet and lace nails are unique options to try out too. You can either keep your embellished nails minimalistic or add a lot of bling if you prefer.

Nail fact: Did you know that fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimetres per month?

Massage your nails from time to time using a nourishing oil like coconut, olive or castor oil to keep them strong and healthy. 


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