The days can be exhaustive; battling with sun, pollution and sweat, takes it out of you by the night. 

All you want to do is hit the sack as soon as you are done. While it seems to be the best idea, you need to first prep yourself up to achieve the coveted beauty sleep. 

Sleeping time is the best for letting your skin and hair maintain their health and shine, so why not make the most of it. 

Prepare yourself for a rejuvenating sleep by following the mentioned tips.

  • Going to bed with makeup on is a bad idea. Your pores are closed and skin can't breathe properly. Be a good parent and take care of your baby face by taking off your makeup with any good makeup remover or olive oil. Afterwards, wash your face with a mild face wash.

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  • Exfoliate your face twice every week before bed followed by toning. Exfoliation scrapes the dead cells off your skin but excessive exfoliation damages skin. Toner closes the pores and tightens the skin since it has alcohol, it also dries the skin. Avoid excessive toning as well.

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  • Now that you have a clean and dry face, take a good moisturizer and slather it all over your face. Make sure to moisturize your face nicely. This will make your skin smooth and supple. You can also replace moisture with a night cream.

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  • Don't forget your lips at night. Once a while, scrub your lips with a mixture of refined sugar and honey. Massage your lips and wash them with warm water. Put on a lip balm or better yet, vaseline to keep them moisturized and luscious.

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  • The eyes are the most beautiful part of a lady. After an exhaustive day, they need rest and love too. Apply under eye cream to wake up to beautiful and non-puffy eyes. Eye creams fight with dark circles and keep the eye bags away by increasing blood circulation.

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  • Replace your cotton pillows with satin or silk pillows. Cotton pillows can be rough to your skin and hairs while satin pillows are loving towards them due to decreased friction between the cloth and skin/hair.

  • Never sleep with wet hair. Wet hairs are delicate and more prone to breakage. Sleeping with wet hair will not only break hairs but also you catch a common cold easily. It's always better to take precautions.

  • We all are confused about how to handle long hair while sleeping. The best way is to braid them loosely, keep the braid sideways so as to sleep without it getting in the way. It will prevent hair breakage.

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These tips will definitely help you get the skin you always wanted. 

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