During the '90s, our Bollywood actresses had a very influential fashion sense, they were notable trendsetters. The "Retro Bollywood" fashion has made significant comebacks and is quite widespread even among the Millennial's. We all love our desi divas and their glamorous looks, in this article, let's go down the memory lane with Madhuri, Juhi & Urmila and other divas with some of the glorious trends from the '90s.

1. Halter Necks

kajol in halter neck

Halter necks are a perfect representation of vintage hotness. They make you look super sexy and can halt people on their tracks. This is a breath-taking style to wear, it can fit any body type or size. Halter necks were known to keep the Bollywood divas' fashion on point during the '90s.

2. Mini Skirts

rani in mini skirt

Mini Skirts are damn cute and can make you look hot at the same time. It is a perfect party or hang-out wear. The '90s Bollywood actresses were often seen in the mini-skirts at that time. Rani Mukherjee in her killer mini-skirts became an inspiration and it was one of the biggest trends in the golden period. 

3. High Waist Jeans

juhi in high waist jeans

High waist jeans are still known to be comfy & sexy, remember how cool Kajol looked in her high waist jeans. Nowadays it's quite trending among girls, this is another fashionable chic wear that makes you look slim and flaunts your sexy waist.

4. Denim Shirts

urmila in denim shirt

The Denim trends came in the limelight during the '90s only when Bollywood divas killed it with their denim shirts. Denim never existed in India before this picture of Urmila and Amir went viral after the release of the movie "Rangeela". A big thanks to Urmila for her epic look which influenced many. Every other girl had craved to have denim shirts in their closets after this pic.

5. The Off-shoulders

juhi in off shoulder top

Off-shoulder tops have made a great comeback nowadays, it was a Hollywood inspired look that came into recognition during the '90s Bollywood looks from Juhi Chawla & Madhuri. Juhi & Madhuri were one of the biggest trendsetters in Bollywood and they couldn't be more fashionable.


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