Amidst the sorrows of lockdown extended, we've got you a place where you can actually go without fearing the police or the trending virus and (drumrolls) it's your own kitchen! We got you in the first half, didn't we?

While everyone keeps encouraging to workout or learn a rare skill, we are here to tell you to chill, take a pause and be lazy if you want to, because we've got you covered with some lazy hacks to boost-up your skincare routine so when lockdown ends, you come out of your house like a glowing Goddess.

1. Tomato stands for Goodbye Tan (tan tan tidin)

Tomatoes in a bowl

Yeah, we know you aren't going out to tan but are you still skipping sun-rays completely? Of course not. As the mango-season approaches and you're lonely without your best-friend, trust a tomato, it would help you get through this summer like a true friend.

How to apply: Cut a tomato and rub it all over the exposed skin. It removes the tan and pampers your skin.

2. Dear lip balm, take the darkness off!

Woman holding a lip balm

No, we are not telling you to traditionally apply it but to brush lips with it. The secret of our very own Dream Girl, Hemamalini is out for you to use.

How to apply: Apply your favourite lip balm on your lips and brush your lips gently with your tooth-brush. It instantly reduces darkness and acts as an exfoliator for your lips. Worth a secret, isn't it?

3. Lemon for lustrous hair like Rapunzel

A slice of lemon

Lemon is the only effective way to lighten dark elbows and dark knees. Since ages, it has been used for skin-lightening but you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that it can also provide your hair with an instant shine-factor. You'll have this spicy smile on your lips when you try this hack :)

How to apply: Squeeze a lemon into a jar with some water (yeah, just like lemonade) and rinse your shampooed hair with it. Here you go with extra shine.

4. Say hello to Orange!

A swirled orange peel

Sourced with high amounts of Vitamin-C, Orange is your best bet for a complete skincare routine and that's why a simple orange-peel powder from the market can cost you around ₹100 - ₹200 but why do you have to spend this amount when you can make it yourself. 

Here's a guide to ease out things for you. Have acne, signs of premature ageing, wrinkles, tanned skin, and dark spots? Don't worry, orange will fight it off.

How to make Orange-peel powder?

Don't throw those orange peels and dry them out in sun. After 4-5 days, check if it breaks like your favourite chips, if it does, pat your back coz half of the work is done. Just grind those dried peels in a grinder to achieve a smooth powder.

How to use: Mix the powder with milk and gently rub it all over your skin for exfoliation. Mix it with honey and aloe vera to apply it as a face pack.

5.Cool Cool Cucumber

Woman keeps cucumber slices on her eyes

Applying cucumber over dark circles has been a very popular hack but we got you something better to do with this cool cucumber.

What to do? Grate a cucumber and filter out a clear cucumber juice. Fill your ice-tray with this juice and freeze it overnight so that when you wake up with those dark circles, you can apply those little ice cubes to pamper your beautiful eyes.

Why does this method have an edge over the traditional one? The goal is to nourish your eyes with cucumber juice but the slices can't provide enough juice. They would just dry out and you keep pressing those slices over your eyes only to get nothing in return. So, it's a big No-No. During the lockdown, you got time, a cucumber and the right method. Win-Win!

This is the time we never dreamt of, this is the lockdown we've never thought of but on a positive note, you have time and these are the one-ingredient hacks that you can try. 

Don't forget sharing these with your best friend, who you got to click a picture with when you first meet after this lockdown. 😄

Nikita Upreti

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