Once upon a time, we had lavish weddings embellished with exotic decor, sizzling outfits, breathtaking clicks, delicious food and exciting rasmein. Our Instagram feed was filled with wedding pictures and We had most of them saved for future reference. Post Corona, Everything went stagnant and there was no other friend getting married until the concept of Online Shadi came in.

Chatt Mangni, Patt Byah is a lost term now and we have Chatt Video Call, Patt Byah as the New Game!

Girl on a video call

Why People are Preferring an Online Shadi Over the Traditional One?

  • They want to have their wedding on a certain auspicious date.
  • In the case of Love marriages, where the couple had convinced their parents with much difficulty, they don't want to take a huge risk of waiting until the lockdown gets over. Yeah, Indian Parents have a mood and you don't know what happens after lockdown, hence a safe move😝
  • Contrary to Big Fat Indian Wedding setup, this is something which is cost-effective but at the same time have its purpose intact.

How Is A Virtual Marriage Planned?

STEP 1: Preparations

Plan the Outfit

Woman in a wedding dress

What is a Shadi without Fancy Outfits? If you had shopping done before lockdown, you would be having a lehenga hanging in your closet and if not, you can always wear your dear Mom's Shadi Wala Lehenga. Your mother might feel super-emotional watching you wear her lehenga, so better be ready with tissues but worth a memory, isn't it?

Plan A Duet for Couple 

Couple dance is always in and doesn't it look like the cutest thing ever? Be it a loud number like Genda Fool or be it something deep like Tujme Rab Dikhta hai, prepare the dance routine over a video call so that it gets synced when you execute it in front of your families.

Plan The Performances by Both Sides' Guests

Lockdown didn't shatter your hopes alone but theirs too. Your close relatives might have planned a surprise dance or a special message for you. They'd have had plans for the outfits they will be wearing on your marriage and a few of them would have even purchased them. It's time to lift their spirits and give them the opportunity to express themselves through a video call.

Plan the Menu

Dishes on a plate

Very, Very Important. Right now, you can't get something from outside but lockdown must have awakened your inner chef, isn't it? Take your friend, youtube's help, brainstorm all the dishes and select a menu on which every family agrees upon. This way, you all will be eating the same dishes on your big day and it will not look like a distant wedding when you'd have all of them eating right in front of your eyes but obviously on the screen.

Plan an Appointment with your marriage officiant

Every Religion has an officiant in the presence of whom the marriage is solemnised. Pick an appointment with yours and have him over video call to guide you to perform rituals on your marriage.

Plan a Playlist.

With the help of your cousins and friends, plan a dance playlist on which everybody can celebrate your wedding.

STEP 2: Execution

Wedding ceremony

Now that you've got all the preparations done, this becomes the easiest part. 

  • Ensure Everybody is over the video call on the specified date and time.
  • Let your creativity flow and give an all-new twist to your wedding.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and if you do, do not forget to share it with your friends who had their marriages postponed due to lockdown. Who knows If you'd get an invitation for an Online Shadi? 😉

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