Have you got a sweet tooth but sour hands? ( pun intended). Are you a passionate chocolate lover but have no passion for actually making something that will satisfy your chocolate cravings?

Are you a student who doesn’t have much time to focus on cooking or a mother who struggles to make something for their kids when they ask for variants of chocolate and demand an exemplary taste while not even considering the quarantine?

We have got you covered!

I am sure if a chocolate lover is reading this article, they must also have a mutual love for OREO cookies and would be able to understand the uncontrollable urge to just keep munching on them. Well here’s the perfect recipe for you which is super easy and super creative too.

It is a lot more than a dessert and less than a guilty pleasure.

Oreo Popsicles

Oreo popsicles


• 2 Oreo packets (50 gms)

• 2 Small cups of milk

• 2 Ice cream sticks

• Chocolates for coating (2/3)

(Any chocolate would do, straight from cooking chocolate to dairy milk.)

• Crushed peanuts\Almonds\Sprinklers (1 cup) – For decorating

Prep Time

• 20 minutes to make the Popsicle

• 4-5 hours for freezing


• Take 2 packets of Oreos, (still packed) and with the help of rolling pin crush the packet of Oreos, till you can feel a granular, powdered texture. You can also use a blender to crush the Oreos if you prefer that.

• After, they are crushed, take a pair of scissors and very carefully cut one of the ends of the packet horizontally.

• Take 2 empty glasses and keep the opened crushed Oreos packet in a glass for a better grip.

• Take the cup of milk and pour milk into each of the packets respectively. The milk poured shouldn’t be excess, it should be poured till the level of the crushed Oreos in the packet.

• After that insert an ice- cream stick in in the middle of the packet and stir it nicely, till it becomes like a batter.

• The next step is to simply keep the packets of Oreos in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours so that it can attain a texture.

• Meanwhile for the ganache coating;

• Take a pan and a bowl, use the double boiler to system to melt the chocolates of your choice along with some butter.

For the double boiler system

• Heat some water in a pan and over it place a bowl, the flame should be low, and then add some butter and the chocolates in the bowl stirring it gently till the chocolate is melted.

• Once the chocolate is melted, let it cool and pour it in a glass.

• If you prefer nuts, then you can keep some crushed almonds or peanuts ready with you alongside.

• After 4-5 hours, once our popsicles have been frozen well, take them out of the fridge and dip it in the glass of melted chocolate.

• After that, if you want, coat the popsicle with crushed nuts or sprinklers.

• Once the coating is done, keep it in the freezer for 20 mins so that the coating is set and that’s it, you are done!!!

enjoy oreo popsicles

Enjoy the satisfaction of indulging in this beautiful combination of Oreos and your favorite chocolate. Do try making this and let us know how your experience was.

We hope you enjoyed reading this little piece! Stay Safe and don't forget to check out our other articles on PinkAdda.🧡

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