Oxidized Jewellery is, and forever will be every desi girl's favourite. It is a MUST in every wardrobe (if you've read my article about ''must-have items in your closet'', you know why I'm stressing over this). Oxidized jewellery helps create a statement. It goes with any and every outfit and looks chic. By creating a statement I mean, standing out from the crowd, creating an impression, and communicating yourself through your outfit. If you have hoarded tons of junk jhumkas and necklaces and don't know how to pair it with your dresses, don't worry because this article is all you need to read. 

I have excessively used Komal Pandey's pictures for reference because she is the ultimate queen of serving looks in oxidized jewellery and has been doing it since forever. 

Here are ways to pair oxidized jewellery and create a statement. 

A Crisp White Shirt

white shirt
Source- (Komal Pandey) The College Couture's Facebook page

Pair a heavy, oxidized neckpiece with a white shirt for THE LOOK. Oxidized jewellery stands out on a plain white shirt and gives it the right amount of oomph. 

You can pair the white shirt with palazzo, jeans, or even a simple printed long skirt. 


Source- (Komal Pandey) The College Couture's Facebook page

You can never go wrong with some massive oxidized jhumkas over a Kurti. A plain Kurti would go very well with some huge earnings. The best part about oxidized jewellery is that you don't have to bother about the colour of your outfit. I would suggest that you go for a simple and plain kurta especially if you're not wanting to go overboard with too much element in your clothing. 

A Flowy Dress 

Source- (Komal Pandey) The College Couture's Facebook page

Oxidized pieces can be easily paired with a western outfit like a flowy dress in this case. It doesn't necessarily have to be a dress, it can also be a long kurta without slits. Pair this with a long oxidized necklace of your choice along with heels or your favourite kolhapuris. 

Pant Suit

pant suit
Source- Laughing Colours

I've seen this numerous times. Pairing a hot pair of statement oxidized earning or a heavy silver choker with formal pants and a suit. Sleek hair, kohl eyes, and a stylish bralette or tank top would look great with the same coloured pant and suit. 

PS I couldn't find a picture of a pantsuit with junk jewellery, but these pieces also go well. 

Off Shoulder Top

off-shoulder top
Source- (Komal Pandey) The College Couture's Facebook page

The best way to add an extra style factor to your simple off-shoulder top would be adding a piece of an oxidized choker to your outfit. Chokers are impressive and go very well with off-shoulder tops or deep neck blouses. 

If you like these styles then don't forget to try them out and let's together stan the oxidized jewellery Goddess, Komal Pandey. 

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