For girls, that disgusting feeling along with a crappy mood becomes a part of our daily routine. Since you cannot opt-out of it, you have to adapt to this life. As a woman, I know how hard it gets in those days, that is why we decided to write an article to help you make yourself a bit more comfortable and calm. If you are going to start menstruating soon, then this article is for you.

We have compiled some of the things that will help you get through these days smoothly. Let's get to the stuff that matters…

Pads/ Menstrual Cup/ Tampons

                                                                Sanitary kit

The first and the most important thing you will absolutely require is one of these three, depending on what suits you best and what you like. If you are starting, then pads and tampons are better than menstrual cups.

Light-coloured Panties

When you wear dark coloured panties during periods, the stain on it will not be traceable and it will not clean up properly. Wear light coloured panties so that you can see the stains properly and remove them easily.

Hot Water Bag

Hot water bag

These are life saviours during periods. If you experience low to mild pain during your periods then you need not take a painkiller, keep a hot water bag on your abdomen and sleep, the pain will go away.


Consult your doctor and ask for some painkillers according to your health background, she will suggest a better option for you. There are a wide variety of painkillers available for menstrual pain but always ask your doctor before taking medicines.



Chocolates are the best. You can eat chocolate during periods to quickly uplift your sulking mood. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolates can change your mood and make you feel better.

This is most of what you might need during your periods to help you sail through smoothly.

Share this article with all the women you know and give them some comfort.

Hope you have a great day! 😊

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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