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The battle with insomnia can be so exhausting. You keep finding ways to put you to sleep and the entire process is so frustrating, your sleep schedule is screwed, your body wants to sleep but you are helpless, you spend nights like an owl wishing if sleep came all-natural to you. How Do I Know it? Been there, done that. Well, the good news is: I defeated it and here are my failsafe strategies to put your insomnia to sleep 😉. 

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1. Say Hi To Physical Activity

Workout, brisk walk, running or even cleaning your house counts. Before you present an eye-roll, here is the silver lining to it: You need to dedicate yourself in physical activity for just 30 minutes (a duration much less than your daily Instagram scroll). How would it help? Your body needs to be tired to realise that it needs rest aka the precious sleep. Also,  you lose some weight, if done dedicatedly. Win-Win, isn't it?

3. Goodbye, Dear Phone

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It's difficult, I understand it's very difficult. But you know what's the most difficult thing for you? Getting a refreshing sleep. You must set your priorities and mind you, your health comes first. Bad sleep affects your physical as well as mental health, worth a risk? Absolutely not. Stop using any electronic devices an hour before your scheduled sleep time, try indulging in books or anything that relaxes your mind. 

3. The Magical Number Routine 

If there had been a magical potion to heal insomnia, all the insomniacs would have gulped it down their throat in one go. Thankfully, we do have something that works like a charm. Less- known yet very effective, the magic number routine can instantly put you to sleep. 

How to practice the divine formula :

  1. Close your eyes in a dark room.
  2. Inhale a long breath while mentally counting 1-2-3-4.
  3. Hold your breath while mentally counting 5-6-7
  4. Exhale while mentally counting 8.

Bonus: If you monitor it closely, it's our pattern of breathing while we sleep, so actually we are tricking our mind to think that we are sleeping. Keep doing it until you convince your mind. Trust me, it is the fastest way to sleep.

4. Thriller Series Is A Big No 

Something's wrong but it won't disturb your reading pace,pinky promise girl!

Sorry but that's the thing, girl. You are all free to watch your favourite series during day-time but no thriller or horror genre nearer to your sleep-time. Why do I say so? Watching them disturbs our emotional levels and creates tension in mind, no matter how daring you are. At night, you should have your mind at peace to fight off those insomniac demons.

5. Sleeping Beauty's Invitation To Good Sleep

Yes, you read it right, some important guests have to be properly invited otherwise they don't come. Tight sleep is one of them. Thinking to create an invitation card for the Sleeping Goddess, I got half of your work done.

 How to awaken the Sleeping Goddess?

  1. Change your bed sheets regularly and set favourable temperature for your room.
  2. Aroma matters. You could use your favourite aromatic candles or aromatic oils.
  3. Sleep in a dark room.
  4. Put on your headphones and switch to relaxing music specially designed for good sleep (you'll find them easily online).
  5. Close your eyes (very important 😛) 
  6. Follow Magical Number Routine 
Something's wrong but it won't disturb your reading pace,pinky promise girl!

That's how you put insomnia to sleep. Additionally, monitor your sleep routine, pat your back even when you sleep a minute earlier than the usual. You have my advance wishes, eventually, it will come back to normal and if you're lucky enough, you'll sleep like Nobita 😃

Nikita Upreti

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Nikita Upreti

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