I can't say for y'all but I have a warm corner in my heart for tattoos. I wanted to get a tattoo since forever but there are some things that should be seriously considered before getting one. Yeah! It looks really cool and kind of sexy but it also needs maintenance and if you are a careless and lazy person like me, you need to reconsider. I looked into all my doubts related to tattoos from various sources and wanted to share it with all my girls. So, here it goes.

  1. If you want to donate your blood, then you need to make a choice. You cannot donate blood if you have tattoos.
  2. The process of getting tattoos can be really painful. The extent of pain also depends on where you get the tattoo.
  3. Do not go for permanent ones if you are not completely sure. Temporary tattoos can be easily removed and you can have as many as you want without worrying about health issues.
  4. Always run a background check of the place and tattoo artist you wish to get a tattoo from. Consider the ratings of the place and artist seriously.
  5. Permanent tattoos are removed with laser treatment and the process is expensive. The danger of hypopigmentation (loss of color) and hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) is always there. Though these risks are minor if you can find an experienced doctor.
  6. Carefully choose the body part for getting a tattoo. It is best to avoid breasts, an area near the eye and intimate parts. Chances of infections are high in these areas.
  7. Make sure that the tools used are properly sterilized. Make sure that only the fresh needles are used.
  8. If you have a chronic condition like diabetes or allergies, consult your doctor before getting a tattoo. Also, if have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid tattoos as the dyes can trigger immune responses and result in horrifying infections.
  9. Get a tattoo away from moles on your body. Moles change their structure, color, etc in case of cancer. Detection of cancer can be delayed if you have a tattoo on your mole.

At the end of the day, it is your body and your choice to get a tattoo or not. Keep the above points in mind and make informed decisions. It is a good experience and the risks are minor. With a little care, you can have a great tattoo.

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Shalvi Singh

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