Painful periods are a nightmare. It not only gives you sleepless nights but also causes a hindrance to your day to day activities. Cramps get unbearable at times. I still remember when I used to skip schools for days due to the extremely painful cramps.

But I decided not to let this menace cause any hindrance to my day to day activities. Therefore I began to research on ways to deal with cramps and came across the following effective methods. I am sure these tips will surely help you to deal with these nasty cramps.

Let's get started...

1) A Hot Bath

Yes! Taking a shower with hot water helps in reducing cramps. And there is a scientific reason behind it. The reason is that hot water increases the blood flow in our body and therefore helps in relaxing the cramped muscles.

So before heading to work, make sure you take a hot bath which will reduce the painful cramps for quite a long time.

2) Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

I still remember the time when my aunt was visiting me and she noticed my awful war with painful cramps. And that is when she suggested Chamomile tea. It worked wonders.

It has been a traditional remedy to deal with cramps since ages. According to a study, if one consumes Chamomile tea regularly for almost a month it can work wonders to heal period cramps.

The reason is that it contains antispasmodic properties which help to relax contractions in the uterus. So get a pack of chamomile tea bags. You can also add lemon juice or honey in the Chamomile tea for more effective results.

3) Regular Exercise

Well, we all know that cramps are a result of contractions and stiffness of muscles. Therefore we are actually ought to keep our muscles relaxed. And what can be better than regular exercises?

Make a schedule where you make room for simple exercises like stretching and yoga asanas. I am sure that this will help you in dealing with muscle contractions which in turn will help in reducing cramps.

4) Stay Hydrated

Hydrations helps in easing cramps. Therefore make sure that you stay hydrated during your special days. Not just plain water, but you can opt for lemon juice and other fruit juices as well.

It will not just help you in dealing with cramps but will also work wonders if you have other PMS symptoms like nausea, dizziness, bloating etc. I make sure to drink more than 8 glasses of water every day!

5) Proper Diet

Proper Diet

Menstrual cramps can also be a result of lack of proper nutrition in your body. Therefore you should make sure that you consume a balanced diet.

Make it a habit of including green leafy vegetables to your daily diet. Moreover, Inflammatory food items like squash, tomatoes, bell peppers etc reduce menstrual cramps to some extent.

Also, painful periods tend to make your body weak therefore it is advisable to go for foods having high iron intakes.

6) Vitamin D Intake

It is found by researchers that women who have lack Vitamin D in their body experience painful menstrual cramps which occur due to increasing level of prostaglandins which in turn contracts the uterus. Thus, resulting in painful cramps. Therefore it is advisable to consume food like fatty fish, seafood, egg yolks to ensure that your body doesn't deprive of Vitamin D.

7) Orgasm

Yes believe me or not! But orgasm actually helps in reducing cramps. Many people still argue that female orgasm is a myth and is also considered as a taboo. But it is high time we should actually start talking about it.

Receiving an orgasm during your painful period days reduces cramps to a certain level.

8) Abdominal Massage

Massaging your abdomen for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day helps to release muscle contraction and thus helps in reducing painful cramps.

I use massaging creams that are rich in essential oils like lavender and clary sage. And the result I got was unbelievable. It actually provided me with a lot of relieve during my painful period days.

9) Proper Sleep

During your special days, your body needs ample rest. Therefore make sure that you practice a good sleep cycle.

A relaxed body doesn't face much of muscle contraction and thus period cramps remain at bay.

woman spreading her arms towards the beach

Apart from these important tips, there are multiple other methods which you can opt for to deal with your cramps. You can try ginger or cinnamon capsules which work well for reducing cramps. Moreover adding more calcium and Vitamin B1 rich substances to your regular diet also helps in healing painful cramps.

If these remedies don’t provide much help then I suggest that you should consult a gynaecologist because there are times when menstrual cramps occur due to bodily dysfunctions. And we don’t want to take a chance with our health. Do we?


So, ladies, I hope these above-mentioned tips could be of some help to you. So stay relaxed and stress-free while you enjoy the essence of womanhood.

Menstruation is a blessing and therefore don’t let these painful cramps to ruin it.

Happy Periods! ❤️