We live in a society where we have been forced to think of this question as a priority. Since our childhood, we have been hearing future references to our marriage, because of which, while growing up, thinking about marriage and the ‘right’ age becomes an ever-present thought.

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First, ask yourself, Do you want to marry?

Age is secondary, the first and foremost question we should be considering is whether we want to marry or not.

Does our society always bring the age discussion without even considering the possibility of a woman not wanting to marry?

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So first, honestly introspect your life, your future and then decide whether you see marriage as an integral part of YOUR life. Not your relative's life …but your life? Do you look forward to it? If the answer is NO, then the age discussion in itself is null and void. If yes, then keep scrolling!

Is there a right age for you to marry?

To simply put age is just a number. But it's not that easy and simple.

By law, the legal age for a woman to marry is 18 years and for a man, it is 21 years.

After having the legal age for marriage in your mind, the next big question is, when do you feel is the right age for you to marry? Is it 18? 20? 30? 45???

How do YOU define 'right'?

Do you have your definition of the word “right”?

Are you defining ‘right age’ according to your parents, or according to your friends who are married or are about to get married? The truth is, that you define your right age according to your priorities, goals, ambitions, and choices in your life.

If you are realizing that you don’t have the definition of your right age, then there is a lot of work to do girl!

What do you keep in mind while deciding your definition for ‘right’?

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Start by considering what are your long term goals and aspirations and whether your marriage will be an obstacle or support in that. Even when choosing whom you want to marry, make sure you both are on the same page.

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Ask your future in-laws, and your husband, about their expectations from you, and then make a decision.

If you find that they are going to be supportive of your dreams and if you are ready to take the responsibility of marriage then go for it!

Your right age can be 25, 37, or 50, it can be any age, as long as you feel ready!

Some other aspects to give a thought to when deciding to marry!

If you always wanted your kids after marriage, then, in that case, you will have to consider some biological parameters of the body before deciding upon an age.

You might want to think about the right age of being a mother too because you certainly don’t want your child or yourself to suffer. Having a child too late can result in complicated situations during the pregnancy and also impact the health of your child. 

If you are unsure about kids and want to leave this decision for later on, make sure you give egg freezing and other such treatments, a consideration.

Another aspect which you should be thinking about is your career and finance.

Marriage is certainly a big responsibility, and though it comes with tons of adjustments, there are certain things we should be mentally prepared for.

Think about your finances, your career, your independence, etc before getting hitched.

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There is not a "golden" age for you to get married. You decide your definitions and standards for the word "right". Consider your aspirations and expectations from life and then make a decision.

Very carefully reflect on the changes that will take place after marriage and be sure if you are ready to take them or not. 

Marry only when or if you want to and only when you are ready to, in a physical, emotional, mental, and in a spiritual sense.


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