When the news of the novel Corona Virus hit the world, it didn't do the fashion industry much good. The virus was a game-changer in the market like any other pandemic of the past. People went around preparing for the quarantine doing what we call 'safe buying' and this gave major profit points to companies producing toiletries, food items and masks. At the same time, this resulted in a visible shortfall in the sales and operations of fashion brands all across the globe and brought about a major fashion trend switch.

It is safe to say that this corona season's most popular trend has to be what YouTube calls 'DIY' or do it yourself. With the ever-extending lockdown and the boredom wave hitting hard, people are donning their Manish Malhotra hats and designing outfits on their own. Since we are all looking for entertainment indoors, stitching yourself a cute pair of shorts seems like a pretty feasible and creative option for the uber bored.

Here are a few easy DIYs to give your wardrobe a makeover. 

1. Painting Old Denims


This might sound like a very clichéd idea, but acrylics on blue jeans is the aesthetic you need. You could go for bright yellow sunflowers on your mom jeans to bring out the 'plant mom' aesthetic for your gram or stick to pastel pink shades on your jacket for the soft girl in you. 

2. Stole into Shrug

woman wearing shrug

My mother gave me this hack some time ago when we were heading for a vacation on the beachside. A stole or dupatta can be a great shrug to go with your swimwear, tops and even kurtas. You can either fold it or stitch it to suit your requirements. It's super easy to make and there are numerous videos online that provide viewers with step by step tutorials. 

3. Crop the Top

woman wearing crop top

Crop tops have been a thing for a long time now. I remember doing this hack back when crop tops were a new deal. Take an old baggy t-shirt that you're ready to experiment with and glide your scissors across the length that you want. You can later hem the bottom for the perfect finishing.

4. Mix and Match


This isn't a hack, it's a way of life. Mixing and matching clothes are and have always been my saviour from repeating an outfit (we all know how repeating an outfit can be a major NO). Mixing outfits can be achieved by layering. It can be done by wearing all monochrome or by adding a contrasting element to your same-shade-salwar. This lockdown, mix and match your boring home clothes to make it look interesting (something to keep you happy from all the household chores). It's smart, it's fun and it's never out of fashion.

5. Embellish


 For the people trying to learn a new skill and revamp their wardrobe, sewing in beads and 'embellishing' your clothes is the best way out. It adds an element to your piece and you can be proud of putting the thread in the needle on your own. The quarantine has given us a shed load of time and needle-crafting your way through can be a great option. 

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