Half of us, in fact, more than half of us wore Saree for the first time on our farewell. Guys would try checking us out, without making it obvious only to be known by our kohl-black eyes. No wonder, why the friend requests would soar high after the farewell day. 

Clearly, Guys love Saree as much as we do but Saree Draping is a complicated art to conquer, Isn't it? 

In my words,' Saree draping is an underrated art and require a lot of patience and practise'. But if you're already a pro at it, here are some different saree drapes from all over India to let your creativity flow in the form of a cloth.

1. Nauvari Drape (Maharashtra)

Deepika and Priyanka in the song             

Nauvari might look like a dhoti drape for women but girl, what an elegant look😍. Yeah, right, this is the same saree style gloriously carried by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Deepika Padukone in the Pinga Song. 

Preferred by Lavani folk dancers for swift leg movements during the dance, this drape can enhance your looks with the cultural nose-ring.

2. Madisaru Drape (Tamil Nadu)

Madisaru drape
Source: instagram.com/nikayifashionstudio

A must-have in the Iyengar Community of Tamil Nadu, Madisaru can be draped without a petticoat or blouse, surprising, Isn't It? 

This saree drape symbolises Ardhanareeshwar and that's why the upper portion is draped like a traditional saree for women while the lower portion is draped like a dhoti for men.

3. Dhangad Drape (Goa)

Dhangad drape
Source: instagram.com/indianweddingsaree

Dhangad is for the working community of Goa. 

Women have to work near the sea which often wets their saree, so a knee-length Dhangad is all that they need to work comfortably. 

4. Athpourey Drape (West Bengal)

Athpourey Drape
Source: instagram.com/jacquelinef143

I don't know if you people remember, but my mind still thinks about Jacqueline's look in Genda Phool when I think about a Bengali Saree. 

During my teenage, I got to drape this for a folk dance competition and I'm in love with it, ever since. A Big Bindi and keys tied on the pallu is all you need to complete this look.

5. Mekhela Chador (Assam)

Mekhela Chador
Source: instagram.com/kasturi_sonowal_

This Handloom Saree is draped in a unique way. 

First, a Sarong with front pleats is worn at the bottom and then the upper cloth is tucked as we do for a dupatta of a lehenga, Interesting, Isn't it? 

6. Seedha Palla Drape (UP, Gujarat and Odisha)

Seedha Palla Drape
Source: instagram.com/gonerogue0

The Saree draped by Daya from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is an epitome of what Seedha Palla style looks like. 

Also, if you're from.UP, Gujarat or Odisha, you have already seen the female members from your family, elegantly carrying it.

7 Mohiniattam Drape (Kerala)

Mohiniattam Drape
Source: instagram.com/pleatz_drape_artist

Yeah, this might have sent you to your school days where you wore this traditional saree as the costume for your group dance. 

Worn mostly by Mohiniattam Dancers for their mesmerizing dance moves, this saree was initially worn by shepherds of Narasannapalle, a village in Andhra Pradesh.

8. Pinkosu Drape (Madurai)

Pinkosu Drape
Source: www.sarisafari.com

This incredible style is called Pinkosu for its literal meaning: Pleats on the backside. With the arrival of summers, this saree is the best choice and can be easily worn without a petticoat. 

All types of sarees won't go with this drape but a Homespun Handloom Cotton is something that will effectively enhance the grace.


I hope this article made it to your heart and eyes (you admired those looks, didn't you?). What are you waiting for? Go and Pick your Mom's Saree and try these gorgeous ways to wear a saree right now!

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