Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement.

Confidence is a skill, which we have been learning about since we were kids. We have always been told how it is important to believe in ourselves and project confidence even in the worst situations.

Even a 4-year-old would know this 10 letter word and would try his/her best to achieve this feeling.

Be it our teachers, our parents. celebrities or our friends, we keep hearing the phrase “Be confident” in some way or the other from the people around us.

If people all over the world emphasize this word so much, then there must be some reason behind it, some root cause as to why it is considered such an important skill. And I am calling it “skill” for a reason; you have to conscious while you are building it in yourself while also practising. 

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Here are some compelling reasons as to why Confidence is such an important skill just as it is made to sound.

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Self-Confidence Impacts Everything.

Just as important confidence is for being out there in the world, for people to see you, it is as vital for yourself too.

Self-confidence impacts everything; in you and around you. Self-esteem and worth are given a boost because of self-confidence.

Trust in one's abilities is sometimes the only thing one needs. People respect you if you respect yourself.

It matters when you look at yourself in the mirror, does your head go high or down?

Are you confident enough to see yourself eye to eye?

If not, then building THIS particular skill should be your priority. PERIOD.

Confidence Gives You The Chance To Highlight Any Other Skill You Might Possess.

This logic is very simple. You might possess the greatest skill in the world, yet won't be able to show it off!

You might be learning to play the piano since KG and be good at it but how are you going to play at an event unless you have that trust in yourself. Only if you appear to be confident, then only people are going to give you the chance. So you NEED to master that confidence, that is why it is so damn important.

Having that self-assurance prepares your body to counter any challenges which the unknown ambience might throw at you.

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Every Interviewer Looks For Confidence In An Interviewee!

Be it a college interview, a job interview for any skill in the world, or any job, confidence is going to be your backup and support for you to emerge victoriously.

It makes a huge difference when you answer the questions asked to you with impeccable confidence, bringing a certain charm to your personality. 

In an interview, it is appreciated, even when you don’t know what to respond to a certain question, be confident and honest about it! Anything spoken confidently is appreciated.

It highlights your personality and also sets some standards for you. If you show respect towards yourself, then respect is reciprocated by the interviewer. You lose only when you lose your confidence and give up.

It is also important to highlight that while confidence is a great thing, overconfidence can get you in trouble. Often, over-confident people come across as annoying. Make sure you have the right type of confidence.

Now that we talked about the importance of being confident, it's crucial to address the ways by which you can radiate self-confidence.

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What Are Some Ways You Can Master Being Confident?

1. Start having conversations with yourself. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are being interviewed and practice different ways to respond.

2. Face your fear! That thing you are so scared of, stop thinking and just do it. remind yourself that you can do anything. You just need to take the first step.

3. That inner person in you who keeps pulling you down, question him/her? Does he/she hold any value? Stop listening to your negative self and think more positively about yourself.

4. Be prepared for failure, Try the activity, you might stumble, but unless you try you don’t know the wonders you can do! 

5. Practice self-care and self-love. If you will love yourself, you will automatically become confident. Once you lose the attitude of "I need others to love me", you are filled with positivity and confidence.

6. Practice having a confident body posture in front of the mirror. A mind-body connection will help give you a confidence boost. 

7. Fake it till you make it. I have tried this one myself and I cannot begin to tell you how much this phrase helped me in my journey of self-love and self-discovery. Try pretending that you are confident in front of new people, which will automatically make you confident. 

8. Be around positive people who help you become confident by highlighting your good qualities and skills. You don't know how much other's opinions can fill you with confidence and make you trust your abilities.

It will come to you! BE confident about BEING confident and see how you make wonders!


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