Hair is important and so is haircare, and I bet every girl reading this has played some adventurous hair games. You cannot deny the fact that experimenting with hair is fun. 

Let me list down seven craziest hair experiments that you might have done at least once, and even if you didn't, you will definitely want to try some after reading this.

1. Cutting Your Bangs

girl cutting her bangs

Girls love cutting their own bangs, they perfectly know what they want and how they wanna look. I mean, every dramatic "fifty shades" gurl would wanna look like Anastasia.

2. Not Shampooed For Days

messy hair dont care meme

Well, not shampooing for days can be a gender-neutral thing. But to be honest, some girls would not shampoo for a week or two, maybe because sometimes they have their "good hair day" without shampooing.

3. Got A Makeover For A Date

girl saying

Looking gorgeous on a date is very essential for girls, even if they have plans to ditch the guy. We all would literally use all the delicious contents of our makeup bag to look no less than Beyonce. Mind you, it's never for the guys, we dress up because we love it to death. 

4. Burnt Your Hair

girl straightening her hair

Girls adore ironing their hair, most of us straighten our hair every other day. Every girl has burnt her hair at least once be it from curling or straightening or anything else! (Hovering over candles, anyone?)

5. Recreated A Celebrity Hairstyle

girl moving her head and hair

Such adorable hair stunts are performed by Fashionista girls. In fact, even if you are not a fashionista, your quintessentially sassy girlfriends would do this for you!

6. Used A DIY Hair Mask

hair care ingredients

We are very conscious about haircare hence, DIYs are our one of the most loved things. These hair masks are a crucial part of every girl's grooming checklist! 

7. Had A Breakup Haircut

girl cutting her hair

Some girls might say that they do it because of a mood swing or might call it a "move on" therapy but gurl let me tell you that break up does not hurt the most, a bad haircut does!


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Happy Quarantining! 

Aishwary Gawate

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Aishwary Gawate

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