Lips are one of the most beautiful parts of a woman's face and lipsticks enhance their beauty to another level. These hacks we are about to unleash on you will make your pout extraordinary as well as make lipstick more useful for you than ever. Without any further delay, let's begin...

Use As Alternatives

Lipsticks are very versatile in their usage. You can always use lipsticks as alternatives to different makeup products like eyeshadow, blush and even eyeliner. To use lipstick as eyeliner, take a brush with a fine tip, get some lipstick on it and there you have it, a new eyeliner!

As Colour Corrector

Colour correctors are used for concealing the problem areas of your face to elevate the makeup look by making the skin tone completely even. Red colour corrector is used to correct the dark and pigmented areas like dark circles and around the mouth. Apply lipstick on those areas, blend it well and then apply a layer of a base to get even skin.

Apply Foundation 

Dark and pigmented lips are a common problem with Indian skin. Pigmented lips make every lip colour look bad. You can easily solve this problem by applying a coat of foundation (base) on your lips first and then applying lipstick, which will bring out the best in your look.

Line Them First

Always use a lip liner first to make an outline and then fill in with lipstick. It ensures that your lipstick is in place and also makes them look perfect. Start with lining your cupid’s bow and then move further. You can also enhance the shape of your lips by lining according to your choice.

Clean Edges 

You have never applied lipstick if you don’t know that it smudges like ink. I used to clean it with tissue initially and it just messes it up even more, before you know it, it's all over the place! One genius trick is to apply foundation to the messed up areas and blend it to clean the edges and smudged lipstick.

Peel Off Lipstick

Haven’t we gone through these situations a countless number of times where we stain the cup of coffee or juice glass with our perfectly applied lipstick! Even the lipsticks that claim to be non-transfer, stain. I would advise you to choose peel off lipsticks, which give you a strong colour which is non-transfer and it feels as if you have not applied anything to your lips.

Hope that you find these hacks useful.

See you in the next article! 😊

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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