Bras are stifling and uncomfortable but they have saved our ass every time, have some gratitude girl. They make sure your boobs are in place and not drooping like a dog's face. We all wear bras of different types be it a bullet, a T-shirt or some other.

Bras are extremely useful and these will transform your look completely and supplement the support that your precious gems need. There are some you cannot afford to skip.

Let’s have a look at these essential beauties...

T-shirt Bra

T-shirt Bra

These bras are the most comfortable, everyday wear pieces. These have seamless fitting which doesn't allow anything to show, even when you wear fitted clothing. If you do not want your nips to show through clothes, you definitely need this. They also come with pads, if you like padded bras.

Nude Bra

Nude bra

Most of us wear a white bra under white clothes which shows very clearly. I didn’t even realise that I was putting on a show by opting white bras. You should get a nude bra which will not show even under the sparkling white clothes. It is absolutely amazing, and I love how it conceals everything.

Transparent Straps Bra

Transparent-straps bra

We all love off-shoulder tops, they are cute but not practical, thanks to the bra straps that show and ruin the look. Not anymore! Buy a bra with transparent straps and wear them with off-shoulder cuties to conceal and flaunt at the same time.

Strapless Bras

Tube/Strapless bra

The heavy chest area cannot hold a tube bra properly, it will definitely slip if you jump, run or dance. But if you don’t have heavy bosoms, you can safely get these bras which won’t show like transparent straps. You won’t even feel that you are wearing something!

Corset Bra

Corset bra

You might not think that you need it but trust me it will change your life. Corset bras mould your body into the perfect silhouette. Wear a jacket over it or something else, you are going to look like a Goddess. A little investment in it will get you numerous compliments.

Sports Bra

Sports bra

Many girls don't consider this as a necessary addition to their collection and this is definitely a mistake. These kinds of bras provide you with nice support and keep boobs from jumping while you are sweating it out. Not to mention how embarrassing it gets due to their unwanted movement. If you are someone who works out, you will get obsessed with this bra. And if you are someone who doesn't work out, why not?

What are you still doing here? Go and get these asap 😁

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