Yes, I know just reading this ‘word’ can make you start yawning right wherever you are. But please bear with me, while I attempt on trying to remind you of the importance of this natural drug and sadly our ignorance towards it!

Sleep, as we all know is one of the basic needs of every species on earth. And ah! So jealous are we of those animals which go on sleeping for months and come out of their sleep when they want to. 

Being a species that can think, rationalize, feel and remember; We certainly don’t want to leave such a lazy impression of mankind, implying that centuries passed and all we mastered was sleeping!

Well sleep in its purest form is bliss and a blessing too.

A blessing because though it is natural, some people struggle to catch sleep and we only realize the importance of it in our fast-paced lives on a lonely night after a heartbreak, when no matter how much we try, our eyes just won’t remain shut.

So let's do ourselves this favour and remind ourselves of the basic benefits and the need of our all-time favourite hobby – SLEEP

1. It is essential for your body. 

All of the biological processes that occur in our body, some require sleep. 

Try staying awake for just one night and your metabolic rate is messed up, dark circles are triggered, and let's not forget the terrible migraines. All this chaos just by skipping one night's sleep.

Now you can imagine the dependency of our body on this drug called- sleep.

2. It is very much responsible for our sanity!

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Even when we sleep at night, our brain never stops working, however, it gets a lot of rest. There's a lot to the fact of feeling sorted out and unperplexed after a good sleep. 

Sleep is like that amazing teacher who just always hugs you no matter how drained you are feeling. It will calm you, comfort you, and help you clear some confusion in your mind. 

Sleeping less can make your memory go haywire, suddenly there’s a lot more anger in you, and you might feel like shouting at your loved ones. You might also end up not being able to comprehend simple words, instructions, etc. Believe me, when I say, lack of sleep is enough to drive you insane.

3. It serves you as a form of escapism from these harsh realities of the world!

Not every drug (sleep) which makes you escape the world is bad.

Yes, no amount of sleep can make those harsh realities vanish away but the right amount of sleep can actually give you the energy, strength, good thought process, clearer perspectives, and courage to face those realities of the world. So go on, bring out something good from that escapism.

What are some sleeping habits we need to change and understand?

Realistically, you can sleep at any hour of the day, but why is night considered the perfect time to get 8 hours of sleep?

Well philosophically, there’s a sense of peace at night, a calmness that feels blissful but even, in reality, it’s important to sleep at night because the darkness of the night does something incredible to your brain and other body parts. 

Right from helping the brain replenish its energy to impacting your circadian rhythms, it helps the body get the perfect renewal. There’s a lot of research on why the midnight hours like 3 am and 5 am have a very deep physical and spiritual effect on our body.

4. Stop ruining your sleep pattern and try to sleep at night.

I have already highlighted why one should sleep at night but it's also crucial to develop a good sleep pattern. 

Make sure you don’t sleep while using your phone. That light emits rays that can take the urge to sleep from you! Don’t be on screens just before going to sleep to get a good night's sleep!

woman struggling to sleep

Don’t caffeinate yourself unless it's absolutely necessary. Sleep deprivation is bad and unhealthy! It might be a trigger for long-term diseases both physical and mental.

Let's stop taking this blessing for granted because once we mess with it, it will never come to us again and that’s going to be terrible. Let’s value sleep the way it is supposed to be valued. 

Let's not under-sleep or over-sleep, because oversleep can also do some damage to your body.

It’s a natural drug – But it's entirely in our control, it can give us pleasure but excessively using it or taking it for granted is sure to harm us.

Happy Sleeping!!


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