Gyms are closed again, you are not able to go to your dance classes, yoga classes, or play football in the field or basketball in your school! These are not excuses but a hard reality we all are going through today!!

Some of us might not even have a garden of good space to do some sort of activity!

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that…. “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

So, here are some of the tips you might wanna practice to maintain your hot bod in quarantine!

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1. Don’t Binge On Junk Food Or Fast Food


All of the tuck you might be still left with…Don’t binge on it! You probably won't get many chances to burn it. 

Our sleep schedule might already be messed up because of binge-watching entertainment shows and we certainly don't want to add binge eating to our binge-watching.

2. Don’t Be A Couch Potato

This might seem like a very vague tip but it's very efficient. Don’t sit or lie all day on your bed in front of phones or laptops.

MOVE!! Even if it's just to the other room or the kitchen …MOVE and then move back.

Don’t sit in the same spot or in front of devices for long durations. Get up after and stretch after every 20 -30 minutes!

It makes a difference! Trust me.

3. Squats, Stretching, And Lunges Are Going To Save You!!!

You might not have a very big area inside your house, but these basic exercises don’t require any equipment or space, so go for it!

You can even practice squats initially by just getting up from your chair and then sitting back on the chair with a straight back!

Even if you correctly do 20 squats every day, it will help you from getting unhealthy!

Similarly, your muscles need stretching!! Suryanamaskar is the perfect thing you could practice and lunges will be very helpful too!

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4. High Knee And Jump On The Spot

Jumping is the most basic form of cardio and it includes no complicated methods, so just go for it and sweat. 

For making it more interesting give variations to your jumping styles and try high knees, side jumping and forward-backwards, etc.

5. Enjoy Homemade Food

But Don’t Just Eat Because You Don’t Have Anything Else To Do]

Homemade food is indeed the healthiest. It’s a blessing and It can never be fatal for you. Simple dal chawal, roti, and seasonal vegetable should do good.

But because you are at home, don’t just go to your kitchen and start eating empty calories, eating anything and everything! It will mess up your body!

Eating a proper meal on time will be beneficial and you won't have the urge to binge on any item. Listen to your mom, when she offers you hot food and don’t procrastinate.

6. Don’t Skip Breakfast

breakfast is an important meal

This is a common habit and we often don’t feel like eating breakfast maybe because we slept late at night or probably woke up very late! But as ironic as it may sound skipping breakfast can be the major reason for you gaining weight!

Breakfast is important as generally there’s an 8-hour gap between your dinner and breakfast. So it's necessary to literally “break” that “fast”. 

Eating breakfast will trigger your metabolic rate which will increase your digestion of any food item you might eat throughout the day!

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7.  As Hard As It May Be, Get Into A Schedule, Develop Healthier Habits!

Start your day with a glass of warm water and maybe stretch a little!

Make it a point to set compulsory screen time for all the devices and applications you might use and stick to it! It may be hard to believe, but too much screen time and social media can add a lot of stress to your life and the hormones released because of stress can add to weight gain!

Keep time for your entertainment but keep a limit to it!

At last, maintain a good lifestyle, choose your food wisely, and take care of your emotional health too because that impacts your physical health. 

Exercise was never the only thing to be fit. So, no more excuses. Think smart! Stay fit!

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