Hairs are already very delicate, you can’t even comb them without a few falling out. Colouring your hair makes them even more prone to damage, it is required that you provide them with extra love as well as care for them to stay healthy and nourished just like before. More often than not, the colour fades away and that is the worst thing that happens to beautiful locks, the hair colour starts to look horrible. If you are going through the same problem, this article will be of immense help to you.

A hair flip is a must!

We bring to you some tips on how you can take the best care of them after you’ve undergone hair dye treatment.

  • Choose a hair colour which is ammonia-free and has limited chemical ingredients. As much as you will prevent chemicals from coming in contact with your hair, the healthier they will be after colour-treatment.
  • Your grandmothers are always right, listen to them when they ask you to oil your hair. Oil forms a protective layer around the dye, also makes hair shinier and healthier.
  • Do not use shampoo at least after three days of colouring your hair. The shampoo will cause the colour to bleed and it will fade aw ay sooner than you think.
  • Use a shampoo that is tailor-made for coloured hair. They do not contain sulfates, sulfates are added as foaming agents in shampoo, they can rob the moisture, natural oils and even your hair colour of the locks.
Lady washing customer's hair
  • Hot showers seem extremely tempting but you should refrain from taking hot water baths. Hot water strips the colour of your hair along with the natural oils in your hair. Use cold water to rinse your hair well.
  • Washing your hairs often will lead to early fading of colour which you can prevent by opting to wash your hair less often. If you cannot go without shampooing, skip your normal shampoo and use dry shampoo instead.
  • Deeply conditioning your hair at least once a week will help your hair redeem their health post dying them. Apply hair masks of eggs, bananas etc which will supplement the required nutrients like proteins and potassium to the hair.
  • It is also a good idea to eat right to maintain excellent hair health. Include proteins, good fats, and vitamin C etc in your diet to provide them with the strength from within.
Citrus Fruit
Lemons are packed with vitamin C
  • Serums or leave-in conditioners are very useful to your hair as they contain silicones which provide protection to your hair colour by forming a layer around them.
  • Heat treatments are very damaging to your hairs, after colouring, hairs become more delicate and fall easily. To prevent further damage, use a heat protectant spray or serum which will also add shine to hair.
  • Chlorine is an enemy to your hair colour. Swimming pools contain high amounts of chlorine which damages hair colour. To avoid this damage, wear a swimming cap or stop swimming for a while.
  • Trim your hairs on a regular interval as the ends of your hair become frizzy, lifeless and faded. It can ruin the look of your coloured hair, trim them to avo id this situation.
Kick-ass rainbow!

Alright! This is the end of this article. Take good care of your coloured hair and do a hair flip just for fun. Let your hair breathe by refraining from dying them frequently and they should be healthy.

See you soon in the next article! :)

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