Sometimes, all we need is a warm mug of coffee, cuddles with our dog, and a thick cosy blanket.

We often forget that self-care is very important.

We think it is our sacred duty to care for others. These others include our parents, partner, spouse, child and friends, and colleagues.

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Haven’t we all learnt to put others first?

Is it not selfish to think of ourselves and about ourselves?

NO, a big No.

It is absolutely ok to put ourselves first.


Well for one, who has ever heard of a bankrupt organization extending financial help to others or serving a 36-course meal with a kitchen devoid of ghee and salt.

You cannot love and care for others while neglecting your own self.            

Secondly, caring for yourself makes you happy and contended. You are your best friend. You will never leave yourself, so why not care for your best friend -yourself.

Last but not least, when we care for ourselves, we not only radiate happiness and contentment but also instil confidence in others to reach out to us and trust us with personal confidences and professional positions.

Now how do you care for yourself?

Endless delicious possibilities:

1. Switch off your phone for a few hours.

2. Turn off your internet connection.

3. Cook something just for yourself and devour it alone with the most wicked pleasure.

4. Shop till you drop; window shopping permitted.

5. Go watch a movie alone.

6. Go splurge on that cake you have always wanted to eat, without counting calories.

7. Exercise not to lose weight but to actually release endorphins and enjoy the feeling.

8. Switch on that phone to indulge in little old fashioned gossip with your school buddy.

9. A holiday alone or with a friend this time. Enough of family outings!!!

10. Read a book until you finish it.

11. Be lazy. Just do nothing.

12. Do not take a bath. Be shabby for the next 24 hours, chill in your sweats.

13. Throw the to-do planner to the winds.

14. Sing a song, don't care about the strange looks others give you.

15. Take a long, hot bubble bath with candles and music.

16. Declare self-love in front of the mirror: I love myself!

A girl smiling while facing the mirror            

There are so many other ways. You know what delights you, what tickles you, and what makes you happy.

Go ahead, paint the town red or just those toenails. Disregard the frowns and the snide glances. Throw caution to the winds. Just give yourself the Tender love and care you always gave to others.

Live because You Only Live Once!!!


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