"It will be so awkward", "What am I going to say?" & above all, "How are they going to react?"

To find out, you'll have to talk, let's be honest someone has to break the ice. We are pretty sure our desi parents are not going to do that anytime soon. So why don't we just go for it and take the first step?

Despite a fast-growing society in India, the "sex talk" with parents is still very much a Taboo. Changing the channel because a kissing scene builds a weirdness, has to stop. But it's time to say goodbye to this too, it won't happen in a night, but we have got to start talking about Sex someday.

We discuss almost everything with our parents, from our career choices to relationships. Why should Sex not be a discussion topic with parents?

Talking about Sex has always been against Indian Culture. Parents are equally at fault for not having a sex conversation with their kids.

In a typical Indian household, you are apparently not allowed to say the word Sex, because that's how it has been. But educating the kids about the topic is their responsibility as much as it is helping them choose a career option in life.

Better a "what if" then "oops!"

Sex ed.

What is "Sex Talk"?

Simply educating one about Sex. Talking about sex isn't a one-time thing; you have to create an environment where you can comfortably talk about safe sex, birth control, consent etc.

Let's fact talk! and it might interest you to know that 8% of teens are worried about their parent's reaction to sex talk. 8% again is concerned that their parents might say things they are having sex or want to. 78% has made it clear that embarrassment is a big reason to not talk about Sex with parents. Lastly, 77% want to talk but don't know how to bring up the subject.

Why is talking about Sex, a taboo in India?

"They will want to experiment it if we talk out loud about it."

This notion is the only reason we believe Indian parents are scared about. But here is a fact, researches have proved that parents who are relaxed about having a sex conversation with their kids and are open to questions about it, their kids are most likely to make correct choices with necessary information.

In fact, in India, schools don't guide about sex education. The government even initiated an adolescent education program. Many stood against it and got that schedule banned with the sole reason "Indian culture doesn't appreciate it." Now schools won't do it, parents have given up long back, who will then?

You will have to know about it, whether you read about sex, discuss it with friends, or anything for that matter. But the most authentic information source will always be your parents. Talking to them about it will make it easier for you to handle uncomfortable situations in future.

Now you gotta get up and break the ice. Here are some points you can consider while making a move.

Sex Education

1. Let go of that Tenderness

If we are going to feel uncomfortable about it ourselves, how can your parents not face discomfort with it? What you have to do it, be confident. You are the one who'll have to break the tension while having a conversation. You don't have to jump straight into it, maybe start a healthy debate about some topic. Talk about puberty, hormonal changes, menstruation, and similar areas. Remember, you have to let go of the awkwardness built around the subject.

2. Prepare

Think it through, planning a conversation in your head is easier than saying it out loud but give it a try, think about how you want to talk about it: start with that, maybe write down what you're planning to say. After all, they are your parents and will question you.

You can start by acknowledging the awkwardness. In some cases, it may go away easily!

3. When to start?

There is no right time to have a sex talk for the first time with desi parents. Still, many experts believe discussing it at the right age is very important, which is as early as possible. Talking at a young age about it, from right touch to bad touch to masturbation, will normalize the sex talk.

4. Choose Mom or Dad!

It's okay if you want to talk to either one of them or both of them. Talk to the one you think you'll be comfortable with and might be more understanding than the other one.

5. Pick a time

Indian parents tend to have bad moods most of the time, where they end up scolding their kids for every little thing, so decide when you want to talk. Be aware of their mood. Ask them different questions, which brings us to our next point!

6. Raise questions, seek answers

Reshare what you've heard from friends or anything you read on the internet about Sex with your parents. Tell them they are ones that can guide you correctly so that you make healthier choices.

7. How much to say?

This is something that totally depends on your relationship with your parents. When to stop is tricky, but when you start talking first, you'll know how your parents take it and handle it. It is totally up to you how much you want to share if you're going to keep details vague or want to go all out and share everything because your parents are cool to understand!

8. To Teens

We understand you are curious to know about many things, some you want to experience it on your own, not share with anybody or anything. But Sex is a sensitive topic. Sex education is vital.


Anything can go wrong, and you don't want to end up hurting yourself, and your parents. Therefore, the best way is to talk seek knowledge and guidance. If not from your parents because they are very strict, you believe, then talk about it with any other adult in the family!

Now you go, have that talk & share your experience with us! Make sure you follow us on social media platforms and let's hang out there!❤️ 

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