Holi hai!

Woman playing with colours

Yet another person comes and fills your hair with that damn colour. Sounds relatable? I know!

Holi is a chance to become a child again rather than just a festival. Being a child means rubbing colours to the unknown faces and not care about where it goes. 

Often lost in the playful ambience, we forget about the hair and the skin that has to bear it all later. 

The hair gets all frizzy, dry and brittle making it impossible to get rid of all the dust, grime and colour dwelling on our heads.

But being worried on the day that is supposed to be joyous is not what we want for you, so here is a list of some really effective precautions that you can take to diminish the damaging effects of the chemicals in the colour.

1. Use Natural Colours

We only want the best for our readers and that is why we will advise you all to use colours that you can make easily in your own homes. 

You can use beetroot, rose petals, hibiscus, etc for natural and lovely colours to play holi with.

2. Protection From Sun

Sun rays can be villainy not just for your skin but even for your hair. Sunrays can damage the outer shiny layer of your hair leaving them dried out and brittle.

To protect your precious locks from the high heat, use hair sunscreen.

Plenty of sunscreen hair sprays are available and you should buy one of them to protect your hair from harmful radiations.

3. Use A Mild Shampoo

I know how difficult it is to get the colour completely out of your hair. It takes an insane number of washes to finally get a clean rinse. 

By the time, you are done using the shampoo, you realise that hairs have become very brittle and need a good amount of conditioner to make them manageable. All these hair products add to the build-up to the scalp and damage hair furthermore.

Don't expose them to any more chemicals instead use a gentle or mild shampoo to wash your mane, air dry them and comb them with a wide-toothed comb.

4. Oiling

Oiling is a great way to prevent as well as reverse any damage done by the colours to your hair. 

Coating your hair with oil moisturizes your hair strands because of which the colour does not stick to them while nourishing them deeply, providing strength to combat all the damages.

Oil your hair well with either coconut or mustard oil one night before Holi or a few hours before playing to avoid any heavy damage to the locks.

5. Tying up! 

To alleviate the damage to your hair, tie your hair in a bun or braid them. This way the dry colours won’t reach the scalp to settle there. 

This is effective because if the dry colours settle on the scalp, it becomes hard to remove them and it takes a lot of washes to get rid of colours.

braided hair

6. Conditioning 

After Holi, when you wash your hair, condition them properly to restore the health of hair strands. 

Avoid using a commercial conditioner that contains a lot of chemicals. 

The best and natural way to do that is by conditioning them with honey. Honey moisturizes and nourishes your hair deeply making them soft and shiny. Simply apply honey to your hair after washing them just like a conditioner and rinse it off after 3-4 mins.

You can treat them to an even more conditioning hair home treatment by whipping up a hair mask. 

Whisk an egg or two, according to the length of your hair and add 1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil to it. Apply it to your hair and wash them properly with cold water after an hour. 

7. Reduce The Chemicals

You have already put colours, shampoo and conditioner on your scalp, which is too much for your hair which is why you need to keep a check on your further chemical use.

Make sure not to make any salon appointments one week prior and one week after Holi. The use of chemicals in hair treatments can irritate your hair even more. Instead, pamper them with homemade masks

8. Give Your Hairs A Break! 

Take care of your hair well at least for a week to get them back to normal. 

Apply a good hair oil regularly post Holi to restore their health. Eat a well-balanced diet because you know, what you eat shows up on your body, and hair too!

Also, avoid using any heating tool if you can. They will aggravate the dryness and frizz of your hair which you definitely don't want.


Before wrapping it up, we'd like to request you to enjoy this joyous festival by maintaining social distancing with others keeping in mind, the current coronavirus situation. Play safe y'all!

I hope you have an amazing Holi. I'll suggest you enjoy it leaving your worries behind with all these tips that I have shared with you. Happy holi!! 😍

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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