Oh! What days were those when you didn’t have anything to worry about and you could eat happily without thinking about your weight. Although we can’t bring those days back, we can definitely bring those feelings and memories back by reminding ourselves about some of the most cherished snacks that were loved by all of us millennials.


Tbh, I’m eating it while writing this post. It is one of the few things in this list that is still in the market. Flavoured sticks like chips made from wheat flour were once our favourite evening snacks. Not to forget, they are light as air.

Chand Sitare

I loved how the Chand used to be sweet and Sitare was sour. It was a treat for everyone and it really livens up the mood by bursting your taste buds with flavours.

Harnik Cigarette

When you can’t smoke a cigarette, you must eat the cigarette. Harnik cigarettes were sweet candies. They were very popular as they made all the little kids feel cool and grown-up.


These corn rings were not only hunger cure but were a source of entertainment. They gave free toys with Crax. These came in many flavours, out of which I loved tangy tomato, I know you loved it too! 


Natkhat wheat puffs were also made by Crax and were equally tasty. These puffs were lovely and would just melt in your mouth.

Cadbury Bytes

Cadbury bytes were the best things to ever happen to us. They were a crunchy dessert, loved by every millennial kid. These chocolate-filled puffs were worth crying to your parents. Wasn't it?

Choki Choki

Cheapest yet yummiest chocolate award goes to Choki Choki. You could find kids everywhere sucking out chocolate from Choki Choki packets. That life is a dream!


As we already talked about boomer in ten things we did in our childhood post, boomer was strawberry flavoured chewing gum with free tattoos. In fact, the tattoos excited us even more than the chewing gum. A great strategy by the marketing team of Boomer..kudos!


Is it hot outside, or you just want some cool fun drink to enjoy, you would definitely think of Rasna. ₹1 me 1 glass was a deal, we really loved. If I'm not wrong, everyone's bartending started with Rasna.


I can't express my love for Maggi enough, except I thought it should be India's national food, every generation loves it which is why the love for Maggi is still not fading away.


Remember the rainbow coloured candies contained in a pack, which most of you wouldn't even share with anyone and I don't blame you. It was a joy not meant to be shared.

These were some of my favourite snacks that take me back to the days of the 90s when I was carefree and loved all of them equally with all my heart.

If you read till here there is a poll of childhood snacks that are still available. Vote for the one you love the most.

Vote your favourite childhood snack to the top.

— Pink Adda (@pink_adda) February 25, 2020
Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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