For people who think the lockdown will end on 3rd May: hahaha (crying inside). Growing cases of Corona in India are the reason why 3rd May will only offer another extension to this lockdown. One unexpected Virus comes and Whoosh, our lives became stagnant. Amidst the time of such crisis, there are some Viral things that are storming the internet and you will be surprised to know that you've tried most of them, here's the complete list:-

1. DoordarshanĀ 

Television set

When Information and Broadcasting Ministry announced the return of Ramayana and Mahabharata on Doordarshan, the happiness of our parents knew no bounds. We were forced to sit in front of the television to watch these shows and honestly, they were capable enough to generate our interest. I am glad to know that Rama and Sita had a love marriage (gonna use this example for convincing my parents for love marriagešŸ˜›). Return of Shaktimaan was a moment of nostalgia for 90s kids and with many shows re-telecasted, most of the people now devote 3-4 hours, completely to Doordarshan.

2. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee

Dalgona Coffee is nothing but the NRI cousin of our very own whipped coffee. Dalgona trend took over the internet by storm and everybody including famous celebrities started trying it. The making of Dalgona is a pure act of patience and perseverance but drinking it is an act of tolerance. If you ask me, I can make it for you but if you ask me to drink it, I'll need a youtube tutorial to drink it without making weird faces.

3. Ludo

Ludo board game

Monisha, India ka Tinder bolo beta, this Ludo is too Middle Class.Ā 

Offline Ludo with family and cousins has never lost its charm but in the times of quarantine, Online Ludo is where you get matches from. People posting screenshots of their grand victories in Online Ludo is the new normal for the quarantine generation.

4. Zoom App

Online class

2-minute silence for people with incomplete semesters who are attending online classes on zoom app. While, the entire country is either watching News or scrolling Instagram, there are some sincere students who are working endlessly for their attendance. Students have innovated new ways to keep them entertained during online classes and memes over funny usernames are all over the internet.šŸ˜

5. Home-Made Food And Their Pictures

Food on a plate

You are lying if you say that you haven't come across home-made food stories on Instagram and WhatsApp. Every day, one of our friends (and even more) makes a new recipe and post its picture on the internet. Initially, we were so bored with them and it only got interesting when we started doing the same. #notguilty šŸ˜‰

6. Lockdown Challenges

Girl using phone on a bed

One day, a friend asks you to post a picture in a traditional outfit and the other day, you're challenged to put a picture in western wear. Someone tells you to dance for 30 seconds and the other one tells you to sing a song. Popular pages have started a challenge for each day till lockdown ends viz Day 1: Make a sweet dish, Day 2: Post an embarrassing picture of yours, Day 3: Do a workout, etc. Hashtags like Until Tomorrow and Fir Muskurayga India is something that every netizen knows.

7. Virtual MarriagesĀ 

Wedding ceremony of a couple

Never had we thought that a possibility like such would ever exist but Online Marriage is a trending thing for now. With their families, Bride and Groom sit dressed up in front of their respective laptops and through a video call, they are getting married. Not Getting how is it conducted? Here's how! (insert a link to the wedding article)

Strange how the laptop is the only resource that you need to get married but No Honeymoons Guaranteed!

Well, these are the Viral things that took my attention during this lockdown, if you've got any to add, please notify me through my social media handles and stay connected to PinkAdda for more updates on the content specially curated for you :)

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