There are enough jokes on the internet about how girls are going to raid parlours after lock-down, to get their facial hair removed. This caught my attention and I thought why not I help you to surprise people and tell them how smart we actually are.😎

I'm sure you already know about the methods that I'm going to list here but do you know what will be the best option for you? All of us are scared of something unfortunate happening to our lovely faces, so here are the methods included with pros and cons to help you in better decision-making.

Disclaimer: Before going through with any method, a patch test should be done always.

1. Threading

woman threading eyebrows
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The most traditional and widely used method to remove facial hair is threading. Just in the way, you get your eyebrows done, the same is the process for your entire face if you opt for this method. If I talk about me, I still prefer to go 2 km from my house to get the eyebrows done even when I have a good parlour right in the next lane, we all have our favourite parlour didi(s), don't we? For a person like me who still cries while facing those thread attacks on the brows, face threading can be an option to completely overlook but if threading is your daring game, then you go girl.


1. No chemical is used on your skin and you will be completely safe after all it's nothing but a thread.😉

2. Threading doesn't cost you a hefty amount, so its a cost-effective way to look all cleaned up.

3. No ingrown hairs.


1. It might be a painful method for some, not everyone can tolerate this process especially when it comes to your whole face. 

2. You might see Redness on your skin and in severe cases, your skin might suffer from breakouts.

3. You will have a facial hair comeback just after 1-2 weeks of threading. I mean, what's the point of facing so much pain, then?🙄

2. Waxing

Let's get me waxed
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A lot of us remember the feeling of a hot sticky liquid on our skin, Wax, as they call it. Unlike your body, your face needs a different type of wax. Bean wax is quite popular when we talk about face waxing. It doesn't cause much pain and is highly recommended by beauty bloggers. You might face difficulty in getting bean wax offline but they are easily available on various online platforms. 


1. Hands down, the most effective method to remove facial hair. Having your face waxed means no facial hair for a month! 

2. Frequent waxing destroys hair follicles and naturally slows down the pace of hair growth on the skin.


1. Again, this would be painful for some.

2. Skin irritation might persist in cases when you use the wax on the same area for more than times.

Tip: If you are a novice to face-waxing, please get it done by a professional. 


Woman shaving her face
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When you are running against time, shaving will come to your rescue. Face-Shaving has also attracted some myths like it will promote more hair growth or the hair will grow back thick and hard but guess what, they are all false. It might seem that you are having more hair growth but it is not really the case. Shaving is as safe as any method and many YouTubers swear by it. Do you think actresses would have had ample time to use any other method when they are occupied with back to back shoots? You get to decide what you want and here are the points that might help you.


1. Can be done anywhere, anytime; all you require is a Good Razor or Face Trimmer.

2. Cheapest method among the three, you just have to invest once in the shaving tool.

3. You won't need anyone's help, you can do it all alone.

4. No pain, literally, no pain.

5. Also exfoliates the skin for dead cells.


1. Chances of cuts are there and you can bear injuries anywhere but not on your face.

2. Chances of Over-Exfoliation persists if you are too frequent in face-shaving.

Bonus Tip: Never Shave on dry skin. Always use a good shaving cream or my personal hack, a conditioner before gliding the savior blade.


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