Hey, you must be feeling bored or low in this lockdown. But what are you doing to kick boredom? Well, if you wanna spend this time doing some fruitful stuff to look beautiful, then keep reading this article till the end.

Every woman deserves to be beautiful and nature has rendered her with some overwhelmingly impressive gifts to magnify her organic radiance. 

women, sun and shrubs

Every woman deserves to look her best the natural way, right? And when it comes to organic beauty tips, you should always listen to your grandmother, as the master knows the best.        

So, here I am listing down five wondrous beauty secrets from my grandmother's little black book. Some of them might sound cliche or common but guess what, they have some hidden beauty secrets too.

1. Brewed Ground Coffee

This is the most exotic thing one could ever try for hair. The Ground Coffee (brewed) leaves your hair silky with a light brown shade of cocoa.

ground coffee

Beauty Secret -
  • It gives the best results when Mauritian coffee is used.
  • Also, make sure that the coffee is brewed and filtered well.

2. Shikakai for hair

Well, this is my personal favourite conditioner. This mild herb feeds your hair with essential elements like vitamins and anti-oxidants.

moltar with flowers, herbs and a dropper like bottle
Beauty Secret -
  • hibiscus petals (dried) can be used as a fragrance booster.
  • adding henna to it will give your hair a tinge of plum shade.
  • oiling is a must, you can't underestimate the potential of coconut oil!
  • amla & reetha are other enhancers.

3. Multani Mitti Face Pack

Multani mitti often called as fuller's earth. This magical dust can do wonders to your skin.

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Beauty Secret -
  • put some sprinkles of rose water and honey in it.
  • creme or milk(optional) for dry skin.

4. DIY Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Egg whites are known to be the best nourishment for hair, but have you ever tried the yolk?

This biotin-rich part will give you wonderfully sleek and shiny hair.

eggs and yolk

Beauty Secret -

  • Use essential oils like coconut oil/ olive oil/ tulsi oil/ argan oil to intensify the nourishing power of egg yolk, then add honey to smoothen its texture. 
  • Merge & mix them well and you're good to go!

5. Besan Body Scrub

This beautiful body scrub is one of the best natural cleansers.

turmeric powder in a spoon
Beauty Secret - 

This comprehensive list of elements effectively helps your skin glow and adds to your beauty,

  • Add either curd or creme with besan.
  • Few drops of honey and add some drizzles of rose water.
  • Most importantly, never forget to put some haldi (turmeric) in it, you will give love this scrub.

Rise & Shine!

If you loved these beauty secrets, then do try them at home and unleash your inner goddess.

Happy Quarantining! ♡

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Aishwary Gawate

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