My love for fashion trends is unconditional. Every time I feel like trying something fresh & new, I pick my colours, colours that are trending. They inspire me to go out of the box and explore, and some of the recent 2020 colour trends just left me stunned!

Presenting my favourite shades here, check them out...

Biscay Green

biscay green outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

Biscay Green is definitely dominating the feeds in 2020, it's cool and refreshing like aqua. This hue is perfect for the springs and makes a lovely combination with shades of pink.


chive outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

Chive is the colour of the luxury leather, it's rich & darker. It serves great looks with a plethora of shades and gives a neutral-herbaceous kinda hue.

Coral Pink

coral pink outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

I love coral pink, it's a soft, chic, and feminine hue. The Coral Pink combines flattering warmth and soothing silk. You can try it anywhere, it fits on any skin and you will be obsessed with this shade.

Flame Scarlett

flame scarlett shade outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

Flame Scarlett is vivid & warm colour, it's red hue is energetic and radiates confidence and indeed makes a bold statement.

Faded Denim

faded denim outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

The Faded Denim exudes the calm blue shade. It suits with vibrant colours and is approachable & easy. It represents the perspective of self-care, liberty, and comfort.


saffron outfits
Source: Teen Vogue

Saffron is the bright beauty, it gives you a bold and optimistic outlook. Saffron is a blend of orange peel & the sunlight, it is very flavorful.


I just can't wait to try out these colours, I'm sure you loved them too!

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Aishwary Gawate

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