'Gym Is Not My Thing,' frustrated Ayesha admitted. Gym for her, was a daily routine, a skip for even a week would make her gain weight and she would have to helplessly return to the gym, yet again.

Ayesha doesn't have a rare concern, in fact, it is something that most of us relate to. If you don't: hear me out- "There is an entire community of GYM HATERS". It's been quite a few months since we are locked up in our homes. Trying those exotic YouTube recipes and mom's extra delicious food has made us all gain even more. With no gyms open, even the gym lovers are finding difficult to remain in shape. 

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to shed weight without gym, this article is for you. Here are some intelligent tricks to lose those extra kilos.

1. Intake Less Sugar

Oops, but it won't affect your reading pace, pinky promise, girl

The sweet sugar quite ironically has bitter effects when it comes to weight loss. Refined sugar is a poison for you if you are trying to lose weight. Try avoiding sugar as much as you can. If you are fond of drinking coffee/tea with sugar, you can cut it from your life by gradually reducing the amount of sugar intake through them. Moreover, Sugar comprises Fructose which can lead to several chronic diseases if you consume it excessively.

2. Keep it Slow

Okay, we did have, 'Who will complete the lunch first?' competitions in childhood but it's time to act wisely. Always eat your meals at a slow pace. Why? Your stomach needs some time to understand that it is full, if you'll finish your meal in five minutes, your stomach won't realize this and you will keep pouring more food in your plate which is a common way of weight gain.

3. Serving-Size Matters            

A bowl of food

In Indian households, most of us use big plates/ thaalis for our meals which can be a hurdle on your road to fitness. Here's how you trick your mind into eating less, take a smaller-size plate or bowl instead. When you take meals in a big plate, your mind thinks that the food is less as it is mostly scattered throughout the plate but when you take it in a smaller plate or bowl, it will look concentrated in less space which will make it appear more and voila! you just fooled your brain into eating less.

4. Hello, Dry Fruits!            

Dry fruits are healthy snacks which are a bundle of hulk energy. You can trust on raisins for weight loss. Walnuts are rich in fiber and protein. Dates can boost your stamina while keeping you full for a longer time. Almonds are low-calorie nuts which are high in healthy fats. For Best Results, try eating them whenever you get those annoying hunger pangs. 

5. Vinegar Spell

Oops, but it won't affect your reading pace, pinky promise, girl

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (20-25 ml) before taking your meal can make you eat less. Take a glass full of water and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to make you a fat-reducing drink. Drink this magic potion an hour before your destined meal time. 

Tip: Apple Cider Vinegar also reduces blood sugar levels and is often prescribed to diabetic patients for its extraordinary benefits.

6. Never Skip Any Meal

Just Don't ! You don't want to be a hungry lion who would pounce on its prey for he has eaten nothing that day. No matter what, never skip the breakfast as it fuels you up for the rest of the day. Divide your meals into smaller portions throughout the day and have them on a fix time. Watch what you eat, even the 8 peanuts that you ate this morning need to be observed in terms of calorie intake.

7. Water-therapy

Oops, but it won't affect your reading pace, pinky promise, girl

Therapy is something that is done to heal or relieve an illness. Though, gaining a little weight is not an illness but obesity surely is. Water your body i.e. feed your body to complete its hydration requirements. Take a transparent bottle and mark your water goals for every day. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water, It will remove toxins from your body and reduce that feeling of an empty stomach. 

Only Con: You might need to rush for loo every now and then.

8. Don't Binge-Watch While Eating

A Strict No! Yeah, we are a generation of Netflix and Chill while we munch on our favorite snacks but hey you want to lose weight, don't you? Why is it wrong? You watch an interesting series while eating your favorite snack unaware of the fact that you might be over-eating it only to earn empty calories. Even during proper meals, stay away from screens and make it your habit to eat with family which will serve you loving time and a happy, healthy meal.


Though, I recommend following these easy tricks to lose calories, a little exercise always act as a catalyst to your weight-losing regimen. Try some free workout tutorial videos from YouTube and keep weight gain at bay.

Bonus tip: Pick a friend to make this weight-losing journey even merrier.

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