I hope you all are doing great and since Holi is just around the corner, I thought I'll drop some easy tips for you to make this Holi even more special and better for your skin.

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I believe I can say this on behalf of most girls that Holi excites us and we forget about everything else and just play with high spirits, but once the sun sets, our problems start to begin. 

The stubborn colour sticks to the skin making it look dry and damaged, to name one.

Irritated by the burning skin, we rub it hard in an effort to take out the colour loaded with chemicals but it doesn’t come off easily. Instead, it damages the skin so much that you can suffer from infections and burns which is why it is crucial to prepare your skin for Holi. 

Before you lose yourself to this zestful festival, read this article till the very end to get some great tips that will help minimize the damage to your skin. Let's dive right in...

  • Before going out to play, moisturize your skin properly with a good, heavy moisturiser, leaving no area dry. Moisturized skin will make sure that the colour doesn’t stick to the skin or even come in contact with it. It'll even be easier to remove the colours after you are done.
  • Did you know you can also make colours at home using the simplest ingredients like turmeric, hibiscus flowers and beetroots etc. Try to use these homemade colours which are completely natural and organic without even a hint of chemical. Unlike the market colours, these will not harm your skin and you can feel the Holi spirits in the best way possible.
  • We often tend to ignore the specific parts of our face like the areas under our eyes.  The under-eye area is devoid of oil glands, and it can be easily damaged by the dryness caused by colours which is why it is important to give them some attention. Apply a good under eye cream to keep them safe from the harsh colours.
  • Don't let your lips feel ignored. It is a good idea to keep a pocket lip balm with yourself while playing so whenever they seem dry, you have your chapstick. While you might think there is no need to carry chapstick but I'll have you know that dry parts of lips accumulate the colour and it looks horrible after Holi.
  • Try to wear clothes that cover the maximum of your body parts. Exposed parts can suffer from chemical damages and also sunburn. Now for the parts that can not be covered like the face and neck, apply sunscreen with SPF 50 to keep yourself away from sunburn while bathing in colours out in the open.
  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. You may forget about drinking water amidst all the fun, but don't let that happen. Drink water so that your skin doesn't dry up. Fruit juices instead of water can also be a great option that will supply nutrients and minerals to your body and help you keep energized throughout the day.
  • To protect your eyes from the colour that can accidentally make its way to them, wear sunglasses which will also serve the purpose of keeping them safe from the sun. Don't wear lenses while playing with colours. 
  • To remove the colour, use a gentle foaming cleanser first which will remove most of it in one go. Don't exfoliate your skin for 2-3 days after Holi, it will do no good instead you'll end up damaging the skin more. Use an oil based mild cleanser to get rid of residual colours. 
  • You can also face mask to deeply clean the skin and nourish it at the same time. Mix curd, honey and your favourite essential oil and keep it on for 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. It will moisturise the skin deeply and make it happy! 
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  • One of my favourite ways to get rid of the settled colour is using ubtan on it. To make ubtan, take a half bowl of gram flour and add 1 tablespoon curd along with 1 spoon of mustard or olive oil. Keep its consistency like a cream or paste. Apply it all over your skin and let it dry. Rub it with fingers to remove it and it'll take the colour along with it. Simple yet effective home remedy that our grandmas swear by.
  • One thing which is big turn off for me is nails which have dirt and grime settled in them, and during holi, it gets pretty bad. the colours penetrate the nails and settle down under which is hard to get rid of. Protect your nails by keeping them short to avoid the colour trapping in them. If you want, apply nail paint and the colour won't be able to stain them anyhow. 

Happy holi..😍

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