Getting the perfect wavy Instagram hair is not everyone's cup of tea, and women often struggle to find the best wax for their hair type. Hair wax is a basic necessity for many women, it manages and keeps the hair in the right place throughout the day. There are a lot of products available on the market, but you must choose the right one for you. So here I am featuring some of the best picks for you.

1. Paul Mitchell Dry Wax

paul mitchell dry wax

This dry wax from Paul Mitchell gives you hair flexibility with a subtle satin finish. It is a very good frizz controller and its non-oily texture makes it easy to use. It has beeswax and sunflower seed oil, it's free from any gluten and parabens. This product is perfect for any kind of hair, lengths, and styles.

2. Amika Heist Molding Blend

amike heist molding blend

Amika's Heist Molding Blend is an excellent hair wax to get rid of all your frizz frustrations. This is a very consistent product that will hold your hair like wax does but with the added ease of a cream. You don't have to worry about your hair with Amika's wax, it gives you flexible styling and makes you look stunning throughout the day.

3. Living Proof Molding Clay

living proof molding clay

The Living Proof Molding Clay is really good to manage & style thin hair. It is formulated in a way that does not only sets your hair in shape but also gives a full appearance to them. The clay has thickening molecules that offer frizz control and dry down to give a matte finish. No need to worry about crunchy hair with this product.

4. American Crew Liquid Wax            

American crew liquid wax

The American Crew Liquid Wax is lightweight liquid hair wax that offers a perfect hold & long-lasting shine. Its unique texture makes hair styling easy and fun and helps you create endless & effortless hairstyles. You can flaunt your desired look with this wax and it will also withstand heat & humidity for long hours. This product easily washes out with shampoo and leaves your hair with natural luster and vitality.

5. Eleven Strong Hold Styling Paste

eleven strong hold styling paste

Eleven Strong Hold Styling Paste is the ultimate aid for coarse and unruly locks which gives a maximum hold to your hairstyle. You can enjoy easy to achieve looks with its ultra-matte formula. The product can be used on the damp scalp so that you get a non-greasy & finished look. Its texture is lightweight, suitable for all hair types and is perfect for everyday use.


Style your hair with these amazing products and get rid of all the fuss & frizz. 

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