Do you know, India is the most depressed country in the world? Unbelievable, Isn't it? 

No doubt, the number of motivational speakers is soaring at a fast pace in India. I challenge you to bring me one person who hasn't heard a motivational speaker and I'll take my words back. 

Today you won't only find motivational videos on YouTube but they are more easily accessible in the form of TikTok videos or even WhatsApp forwards. 

I was never a fan of motivational videos but there was a time when I watched them on the loop which made me observe some peculiar strange pattern in them. The six points below talk about these observations which made me stop listening to motivational speakers.

1. Life Is Different For Everyone  

Man sitting in front of audience            

Life is a beautiful journey and we all are on different platforms of life. When you hear the stories of motivational speakers, their problems sometimes align with yours which leads you to believe that your lives are the same. You listen carefully to that one trick that worked for them and try to implement it, this is where everything goes wrong. It took me quite a time to realize that there is a term called "situations" which no matter how same it looks are always a tad different for everyone and hence what worked for one might not work for another.

2. Inculcates Inferiority Complex 

When I used to binge-watch them, it would push a feeling of inferiority complex into me which would often lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Things like 'why am I failing' or 'if s/he can do it then why am I lacking behind', would give me panic attacks. Instead of being motivated, I would instead turn into a demotivated person by the end of the session.

3. Content Remains Same 

"Be positive", "never give up", "try until you succeed", "follow your passion", "believe in yourself", "failure is not final" etc are the common terms thrown at you.  Most of the motivational speakers talk about at least one among the aforementioned topics while cleverly choosing a different set of words to explain. a classic example would be whipped coffee turned into dalgona.

4.Too Much Perfection

My life is perfect
No, it ain't honey!

I'm a fan of perfect things but while they talk of how everything ended up so well, I doubt that. Things mess up even after you achieve your dream. Life isn't perfect, moreover, it's not meant to be perfect. Ups and downs in life are what makes the journey interesting. We all have emotions and we all have a breaking point. While watching motivational videos, everything seemed perfect, which I believe, was nothing more than an illusion.

5. There's No Perfect Formula For Happy Life 

Everybody has a different definition for a happy life and that's why there can't be a universally applicable formula for a perfect life. We all want different things for life and that's why a different approach to life is always good. The more you experiment in life, the more you learn about it.

Good news: Life isn't a semester exam that you have to excel in, you can make mistakes, take bad decisions and mourn over your shattered dreams and experience everything that life has to offer.

6. Self-Motivation Is The Key 

Life is all about ups and downs            

No motivational speaker can motivate you until you decide to get motivated. Sit in front of a mirror, list your problems and try solving them one by one. Watching motivational speakers can frustrate you without self-motivation. Even if you feel motivated after watching them, the content remains in your mind for a short period of time and again you're back to the point you started. 

So Am I completely against listening to motivational videos? Do I recommend you the same? Of course not. Everybody has a different mindset and you might feel actually good after listening to them. As for me, I rely a lot on good self-help books rather than watching motivational videos with recycled content. 

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Nikita Upreti

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