Workout at home can prove out to be the best quarantine activity and it can do wonders for our physical as well as mental health. But it is nearly impossible for us to hit the gym during such times.

Well, the digital age has blessed us with a great hack called "workout and fitness apps". These apps can be really helpful and fun and can be effective for regular exercises at home. Here I've collected some apps for you, make sure to check them out!

1. SugarWOD

sugarwod app

SugarWOD is a really great app to attain strength and it keeps you motivated with fresh new challenges. It delivers you alert messages for a daily routine workout, with preparation videos. It is a good personal record tracker and helps you record the workouts you did, it also connects you with workout buddies & other compatible athletes.

iOS - Android

2. Alo Moves

alo moves app

Alo Moves is a perfect fitness app for pilates, yoga, and barre exercises, the app has loads of daily workouts for you. The best part about it is that this app allows you to choose your classes by instructor, duration, style, difficulty, intensity, and even yoga styles. The classes require minimum equipment and are based on developing mindfulness, skills, and excellent fitness.

iOS - Android

3. Motify

motify app

Motify is a package for fitness freaks, it allows you to comfortably workout at home and has trainers from all around the world offering unique approaches to help you learn different training styles. It is a good app for strength workouts and pilates, it also includes flexibility, meditation & nutrition. What sets it out from others is that in Motify you can specify your workout goals and the app will suggest and help you in progressing along with instruction videos.

iOS - Android

4. FitOn

fiton app

The FitOn fitness app is super easy to try new things and it allows you to choose from various exercises like pilates, dance, HIIT training. It is perfect for strength training and cardio exercises. They offer you a great mix of trainers, intensity, and the duration of the workout.

iOS - Android


NEOU app

NEOU also called the "Netflix of fitness" is best known for cardio and strength exercises. It has a lot of energetic instructors and this app has unique classes for stretching, boot camp, yoga, dance, etc. You can set a 5-10 min routine to start your morning with high energy & motivation. You will absolutely love this app!

iOS - Android


All these apps are absolutely free and are easily available on Google Play Store. Stay Healthy! 

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