Ever since the quarantine has started, my social media cannot get enough of ''home workouts''. My friends sending me their early morning yoga snaps wasn't something I wanted to see after waking up at Noon. It wasn't until a few days back that I joined the "get up in the morning and do yoga" club. I started yoga not because I wanted to send a yoga mat snap to my followers (well lol maybe), it was because I had eventually started enjoying it.

It feels empowering and calming at the same time. It's a union of body, mind and soul. It's refreshing, resembles the feeling of basking in the early morning sunrays. It feels like gushing waves of positivity hitting you on the shores of this mental, physical, and spiritual practice. It doesn't take long for you to realize that you're addicted to it in the best way possible. It becomes as important as taking a bath every morning, there's an option of skipping it (oop), but you dare not skip it.

Woman doing yoga pose

What makes yoga every fitness expert's favourite and why is it important?

  •  It helps strengthen the body. It assists in rejuvenating us physically.
  • Removes negativity from the environment, provides us with a flux of positive charge and good hormones.
  •  It helps concentrate. Hits the body-mind equilibrium and upgrades focus and attention.
woman doing yoga
  • Improves one's mental health. Yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety and therefore is great for one's mental well-being.
  • It heals you inside out. Whether mental or physical, yoga is always an answer for any sort of discomfort or pain.
woman meditating
  • It helps in personal growth. It heals us and aids us in growing into a better individual. It renews and sustains us from within.
  • All things considered, yoga is Amrit (elixir of life), a solution to all our problems, big or small. It is a small step towards attaining peace, patience, and tranquillity. It's enriching and unbelievably healing in all ways. 
In what ways has yoga helped you, let me know. Make sure you check out our other articles and content. Cheers!